Inflatable travel pillow for sleeping on planes

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I just make sure to have an aisle or window seat beside a big guy or gal, and snuggle. Sleep of the dead, it is. For him or her, too, although I’m told I paw like a contented kitten.

But if that isn’t possible, this pillow looks adequate, I guess.


I find choosing a pillow that makes me look certifiably insane repels others and allows me the rest I need without disturbances.


They actually sell these in the vending machine at the bus station, though I doubt those are quite as nice.

I have a rather expensive one with a nice hoodie attached to it; a hood is a necessity when it comes to these. I had a long bus ride once where attempting to sleep with my head against the window was rendered extremely difficult due to the presence of a tiny bright LED mounted at the top of the window.

I try not to think about what these things might be like in their interior after repeated oral inflations.

I carry a Nap Anywhere head support on any long flights. Occasionally I even have the courage to use it.


Ah, but you’ve never been the skinny guy who winds up supporting the obese dude who chose to sit next to you because of your skinniness?
Doing this for 6 hours is not fun.


I’ve been through a couple of inflatable pillows, but they seem to wear out very quickly. The cap on the inflation tube was held on only by friction, and it seemed to wear down slightly so that it would only stay on if the pillow was under-inflated. These ones seem to have the same flawed design. Inflatables really need screw-fitting caps.

I don’t see the need for this.

I just recline my seat flat, and use the pillow they give you. After the nice meal and all the good booze, it’s easy to get to sleep.


Not in front of me you wouldn’t.

Did you really just make a post about meeting cool people as an excuse to shill an Amazon affiliate link?

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All of these horseshoe pillows suck. Never found one that was comfortable or didn’t force my head forward due to the thickness.

This one looks the most promising to me…


Bit of arm spread, there. He’s going to need to tuck his elbows in.

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