This adjustable travel pillow lets you sleep your way on the go

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Memory foam is useless for support purposes like this - it just gives way. The fabric strap is meant to fix this - but it can’t do the job very well, it’s too bendable so it’s not supported by your shoulders. If you watched the video, you may have noticed that none of the people were actually sitting in a plane or train seat and sleeping with this on. Because it’s crap.

They show this rolling up really small because the foam is so soft and squishy and collapsible. Yeah, that sounds like it gives great support, doesn’t it?

A pillow that’s a firm foam circle which rests on your shoulders and supports your neck and head is much better. Like a foam neck brace from a medical supply store, it supports your head upright and lets you sleep sitting up. This one is far from “one of the best”.

Look at the pic - if you have to support your travel pillow with your hands, it’s not working!


You, sir, appear to be a person who has thought deeply about travel pillows and may actually be able to point me in the direction of a good one.

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I tried many, and they didn’t work on a plane. Then I got a neck injury, had to wear a foam neck brace for a couple of months (it’s just a piece of firm foam, not one of the big plastic neck braces - and it’s fitted to your neck dimensions in a medical supply store). On a plane I discovered that I could comfortably sleep sitting up with it on, and my neck and back were in much better shape when we landed. I’ve used them for flying ever since. Some current off the shelf travel pillows can do nearly as well as that, if you know what characteristics to look for - but this one certainly won’t.


Thank you! I recently managed to significantly worsen a preexisting neck injury while jerking awake after nodding off on a train–looking for anything I can do to avoid doing that again. A neck brace makes a lot of sense.

I am old, and post-cool, so I don’t care what people think when I get out a foam neck brace and put it on. A friend who also got one, but does care, had a relative sew him a burgundy velour cover for it, which makes it look like a high-class travel pillow. Which, for us, it is.


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