This pillow helps me survive hours and hours of coach air travel

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I have had an almost identical one (made by thermarest) for years. Originally bought the first one in 1996 and lost it some time around 2010. Replaced immediately with the same model which has kept me healthy for many long international trips. Coming up on 1.7 million miles travelled and probably 90% of that with this back pillow.

If you are flying coach to NZ or Australia (which I did 8 times RT in the last 18 months) you need this and compression socks / calf sleeves.


not sure why coach air travel gets such a bad name. I think the airline profit margins are pretty tight due to competition and budget airlines. I can’t say it is that comfortable, but they get you from NY to LA in 6 hours plus 500$ - that is pretty amazing. I wish I could afford 1st class - but even though I technically can, I wouldn’t want to waste the money on it. Maybe if I flew all the time like a traveling salesman etc…

You fly coach? Don’t they know who you are?

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