A travel pillow that might actually work

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It looks like it prevents both passengers from using the armrest it’s anchored to.

If you thought air travelers got pissy over Knee Defenders, imagine the job of sitting in a middle seat between two people using these, taking up both your armrests.


That armrest belongs to the centre seat, as per standard etiquette. The guy should have it attached to the aisle side.

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I’ve been using the Nap Anywhere (Google it) for the last year with moderate success. Mostly success correlates with me having enough self-confidence to don it in public …

This looks neat… But the nap anywhere looks even better.

No, proper flight etiquette is that if you’re in the middle, you get both armrests. The middle seat sucks, and the window seat gets the WHOLE wall, while the aisle gets extra airspace off that elbow. Both get a guaranteed armrest. Thus, the middle seat gets both armrests.

Specific to this device, a small clamp and bit of plastic is infinitely preferred in all cases compared to an actual arm. You can bump this or have your arm near it and it’s NBD.

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looks to me like a good way to get a stiff neck

Is there any way to sleep on a plane that isn’t a good way to get a stiff neck?


Dammit, I knew some smartass was going to come up with something like that. Is there any way to sleep on a plane in a plebeian-class seat without getting a stiff neck?

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In a plebeian-class seat. Not 4 plebeian-class seats.

Looks like it only takes the back half of the armrest. Plenty of room left in the front for another elbow.

This looks like a nice design, but I can’t image why they see a need to include a battery and, most absurdly, a pen/flashlight/stylus (!). That clearly marks it to me as Chinese feature-ware crap.

The Nap Anywhere does indeed look like a more elegant design:

I fold my arms, close my eyes and fall asleep. Yes, I’m apparently genetically predisposed to fall asleep at the drop of a hat, but it seems to work for me.

that requires increasing levels of extreme measures:

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I’ve used [this pillow][1] the last few times I’ve been on a long-haul flight. It works pretty well.

It’s quickly and easily inflatable, and deflated, it’s about the size of an empty toilet paper tube.
[1]: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001DYDAEK?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_search_detailpage

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Sit next to someone big. Have a pretend phone conversation before take off in which you discuss how unrepentant you are for killing all those people. Congratulations, you’ve scored a very comfortable pillow for the rest of the flight.

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See, not all lifehacks are lame.


At 6’2, I’m rarely sitting beside somebody who would make a usable pillow on a plane sadly. I think that’s also part of the problem with trying to sleep on a plane, for me.