An interview with The Onion editors about the pitch-perfect 9/11 edition

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Holy Fucking Shit: WWMD

(What Would MAGA Do)

Those tears are from cutting onions, I swear!

That was a long interview, but it was their best issue ever. Second best has to be the Planned Parenthood Abortion-Plex.


Things I learned today: I had no idea The Onion was a printed newspaper. I always assumed (from afar, here in UK) that it was just a website with wonderful satirical takes on the news. Printing that stuff in NYC probably was brave.


When I lived in the midwest, my SO was going to school at UW-Madison and I always picked up a copy of the Onion when I would visit. It wasn’t until I moved away that I realized it wasn’t a national thing. It wasn’t until their web presence grew that people would start to hear of them.


I can’t find this in the archives, but here’s my best recollection (admittedly inaccurate on a couple of details, yet one I believe to be tonally spot-on) of what I heard on NPR radio within weeks after 9/11 and while driving home from work, a discussion with The Onion on their response wherein they read off one of their creations, a condolence from a local business: “Tri-State Paint and Hardware Offers Its Condolences to 9/11 Families”.

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The post 9/11 issue of The Onion was a master class in how to skillfully inject humor into a tragic event. It’s a very tough line to walk and most would fail miserably at it.

From the “Holy Fucking Shit: Attack On America” graphics:

To the great stories. This article was a favorite of mine:


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