Stumped by Trump: the Onion struggles to lampoon a buffoon


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Appeal to Trump supporters:

If you won’t accept the plight of women, if you won’t support the children, will you please please please keep in mind the plight of our parody writers?


The writers at The Onion are facing a similar challenge as the writers of Scary Movie did when they lampooned Scream, itself a parody.

Then again, a bunch of people paid good money to see Scary Movie for some reason so I guess there’s hope.


I’ve seen one or two Onion headlines since the election where I wasn’t immediately sure it was supposed to be satire until I saw it was from the Onion. It’s only going to get worse, too.


does this remove the unknown christal sweet coating that is the onion go through


Perhaps the Onion should continue to print satirical stories from everyone else, then real ones, from a wire service, for everything Trump does. Somehow, that thought tickles me.


This didn’t stay satire very long either:


“What, really, is my job anymore? You’ve already come up with 3,500 Trump jokes of your own. What am I supposed to give you? You don’t need me. I was in my underwear one morning staring at the jumbotron TV, and there was Donald Trump in the background on CNN, and Sarah Palin in the foreground. And I thought, ‘How am I supposed to be funnier than this? It’s meaningless.’ And then 17 talking heads came on and tried to give it meaning. It’s time to move on.”

  • Lewis Black


So, what we’re saying is that Turmp has extinguished the concept of joy from the world? Seriously how is that news.


I have been predicting this day since the election. The man is a walking violation of Poe’s Law.



I think the best way to write joke articles on Trump would be to go deep into dark humor rather than direct parody.


Just do a full reverse:
“Trump signs executive order to admit 50,000 Syrian refugees”
“Trump to Veto any attempt to repeal Obamacare”
“Trumps appoints Hillary Clinton for Supreme Court”
“Trump donating Trump tower to NYC for new low income housing”

…Maybe some will stick in the echo chamber


Hoe sad is it that I’d be weary of that approach because on the very remote chance that Trump was actually considering one of those things he would then not do them out of spite…


That’s a conundrum: When you can’t possibly mock a politician anymore all that’s left are their supporters.





I came here to say essentially the same thing. Trying to out crazy someone that does something crazy every fifteen minutes is a losing battle. Posting opposites might work. Also refocusing on the white house justifications and the impact on people and society might work.

“Syrian refugee sent home happy for opportunity to check that all the lights were turned off”
“Dead coal worker sends message from the grave ‘Better dead under Trumpcare than alive under Obamacare’”.
“Serial killer set free after calling extensive video and physical evidence ‘Alternative Evidence’”.


I’m waiting for the day when the Onion realizes it has unwittingly become a legitimate news site because the world has actually become that crazy.


This seems to be the same feeling that prompted the Dada movement. Time to scrap parody and go for full-on absurdism.


I like these. Rather than directly (and futilely) attacking members of the administration with silly insults give us headlines that bring more attention to their terrible policies.