The (Oval) Office, a new TV comedy

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I keep thinking of the SNL cast member, reminiscing about the time they tried to parody Laverne and Shirley. And they couldn’t do it. No matter how over the top they went, they couldn’t out-do the stupidity of the original article.

The trump jokes are wearing thin because we were making essentially the same jokes about him during the election. It was funny back when everyone knew he didn’t have a chance. But now his supporters are saying the joke is on us. And they’re right.

When the kidding is finished, we have to figure what to do about this. The DNC is out to lunch, I expect no help from them at all.


Say, could you get me those TPS reports by the time I’ve destroyed our liberal democracy, that’d be great, um hm? Great.


Too short! I want a full episode, complete with canned laughter!


That cranky bald eagle is a national fucking treasure. I’m sure Trump had it plucked and roasted, but we need to keep that gif alive!


made my day

PC Load Letter.


There’s gotta be a video clip somewhere of Trump saying “that’s what she said!”

Expect soon an executive order changing it to “RACIST AND SEXIST LOAD LETTER”


Yeah, it was obvious early on that it was impossible to satirize tRump - one could only make him look more reasonable, competent and intelligent than he is. Now that he’s president, it’s more obvious that he’s severely cognitively impaired, is mentally ill, and bases his policies on snippets of Fox News interviews, conspiracy radio shows and misremembered, second-hand anecdotes, guided by a white-supremacist. How do you parody that? One can only make light of the situation by contextualizing it in a way that’s less horrible than the reality.


Canned laughter wouldn’t be Office-like at all.

But it does need a romance plot. Maybe Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway? Or even better, Sean and Mike Pence. Plenty of opportunities for conflict and tension there.


Anyone remember this ambitious gem?’s_My_Bush!

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Will it be one of those comedy shows that don’t get repeated anymore?

I’m too depressed to watch the video.

I think this is the ideal time for a second go at transplanting Yes Prime Minister to the US.

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