An Oral History of the Early Trans Internet


Memories. Lots of folks there I knew. Including the gal on the cover of the Tapestry- though that was in the early 80’s when I knew her.

The pre-Internet was very different and very closeted for most. Connecting through the old alternative newspaper ads - groups in apartments and homes - parties in bars - and quite a few more trans specific bars back then.
Mafia owned, of course.

Heavy screening by groups before you could visit. The advice to get a post office box for correspondence and ordering books or magazines. Which the suicide noted points to the value of. Some folks with letterhead orgs acting as mail order bookstores around the country- setting up events in small resorts that were closed to the public - and the Fantasia Fair being groundbreaking by holding its annual event in the open in Provincetown & splitting everyone up in different guest houses and making sure people were out and in public. I think this year is the 45th Fair - also called Transgender Week for quite a while now. The oldest theme event in P-Town.

Some young gal volunteered for it and in the office way back helping mail out those books.

And of course - there were stores that supported community folks - Like Lee Brewster’s in NYC - and tons of little shops that were known to discretely provide services - hair, makeup etc.


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