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I miss the analog OTA TV when we could still watch partial quality.


preach it, brother. usually, even the worst signal, the sound would come through fine. the picture might be blurry but like it was going through an effects processor–it was a regular pattern to it and you could still make it out.

digital OTA is perfect when your reception is perfect, but the sound and picture completely vanish when a plane flies overhead, when a car drives through the parking lot, when my neighbor walks around.

and, OY! the lag! I hit five buttons on my remote and assume i didn’t have it pointed at the sensor since nothing happened. try again. oh wait, there’s the numbers I hit initially, and now here they are the second time :rage: analog was always instantaneous.

digital is the future, they said.

it makes everything easier, they said.


Yep. Newer stuff isn’t always better. [sighs] :frowning:

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