Analyzing the "Goodnight Moon" bedroom

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Once as a child, I had a bad fever and lay sweating and delirious in my bed, hallucinating and fearful.

That’s what Goodnight Moon always reminds me of.

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see, the thing is, i think the room seems so large because it’s drawn from the child’s perspective. ALL rooms are gigantic when you’re a little kid.


I’ve read this book to my kids a bazillion times as well, and only just recently noticed that the story takes place over the course of an hour and 10 minutes (according to the clock in the bunny’s room).


The mouse is the most easily explained bit. It’s infected with Toxoplasma gondii and it just wants to be eaten by those lazy, good for nothing cats who won’t get on their job and kill the poor thing.

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Not sure if Harry Potter would agree with you.

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My son is 18 months and already knows there are two clocks in the room…

The version that always made more sense to me (especially considering the creepy disappearing old lady):

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to be fair, he didn’t really have a room. : )

We have to go deeper!

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Wow. That was the weakest thing I’ve read in some time.

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Yeah, I was a little underwhelmed, myself. The author was trying too hard…

Have we had ‘Goodnight Keith Moon’ here yet?

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