Ancient corpse found in "burial shroud" of marijuana plants


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See? Marihuana is a Gateway Drug. To the afterlife!


My plan is to be cremated in my “burial shroud”.


So. . . uhhh . . . has anyone tried smoking it yet?


Some very smart people, the smartest, say that you don’t know mellow until you have tried a little 2500 year old Mary Jane. The stuff’s mellow. The mellowest. Huuuuuge high, but very mellow.


that’s the way I want to go too.


I’d commit a minor felony to get some of those seeds!


Willie Nelson died?


approximately 2,400 to 2,800 years ago

Something’s always irked me about the “approximately x to y” construction. Wouldn’t “approximately (x+y)/2” suffice? Or in this case, approximately 2,600 years ago. I mean, it’s approximate.


Oh man, don’t even joke. The guy’s 83. I am dreading that headline.


That’s like when they said “it’ll snow at least 2-4 inches”. No. It’ll snow at least two inches.


Since cannabis is a well-documented bast fiber plant, what evidence do they have that this burial is an example of marijuana usage and not textile usage?

It can be very hard to tell if a fiber is hemp or linen, as the characteristics of the two are very similar (same thickness, same elasticity, roughly the same overall shape (polygonal, hemp has rounded edges, linen shart), same density, same length, same tensile strength, etc). One of the few clear distinctions is that when wetted and allowed to dry, linen fibers twist clockwise and hemp fibers twist counterclockwise. You can imagine how much harder it is to distinguish between the two when what you have is a 2000 year old shirt you pulled out of a grave, not a pristine fresh fiber sample.

So while we think of this guy as a 2500 year old stoner, maybe he was a 2500 year old expert in retting, scutching, heckling, and spinning.


It’s for SCIENCE!


Must’a been some killer weed.


…cannabis consumption was “very popular”…

I am stunned at this discovery. How can this be?


But they didn’t find fibres, they found plants. From the Nat Geo article:

Thirteen cannabis plants, each up to almost three feet long, were placed diagonally across the man’s chest, with the roots oriented beneath his pelvis and the tops of the plants extending from just under his chin, up and alongside the left side of his face.

From the abstract of the report itself:

Both morphological and anatomical features support the identification of the plant remains as Cannabis.

It’s also suggested by the abstract that the formation of the fruits on the cannabis plants suggests that they were strains grown for “medicinal purposes.”

It seems like what you’re saying isn’t relevant, unless I’ve misunderstood you?


“In addition, while nearly all of the flowering heads of the 13 female plants had been cut off before they were placed on the body, a few that remained were nearly ripe and contained some immature fruit…” (article cited by OP)

The fact that these were all from female plants increases the likelihood these plants were for Entheogenic or similar use. The article does go on to say that no evidence of hemp fabrics have been discovered at this site, so far.


Can we not tempt fate here! Don’t even SAY something like that… it’s been a shit year for celebrity deaths!


I’m sorry.


Two thousand years ago: “It’s the cops! Quick, hide the bodies and the drugs! I’ll get a shovel.”