Andrew Bird's new single, "I felt a Funeral, in my Brain"

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I’ve seen him live once and been a fan of him for some time and he’s really great. Maybe not to everyone’s taste, i think of all of the random music i listen to Andrew Bird is one that i have a harder time getting people into but to me he’s amazing. Love how broad and varied his artistic range and sound is, if you want someone’s music that is folksy, interesting and has a lot of different genres across albums check him out. My first exposure to him was Armchair Apocrypha which is great, but i do also recommend Andrew Bird’s Bowl of Fire albums. I haven’t checked out his last 2 or 3 albums so i’ll have to do a deep dive soon.


Fairly big Andrew Bird fan, but I’ve found he’s become a lot less musically interesting over the years. Mysterious Production of Egg is one of my all-time favourite albums, so engaging and such a pleasure to listen to…but sadly he’s moved away from this type of creativity…you get a few hints of it, but would love to see him play with these audio landscapes more.

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You should give his latest album, inside problems a listen, it’s great!


Been a huge fan since I heard “A Nervous Tic Motion Of The Head”, from The Mysterious Production Of Eggs”, played on BBC 6Music. As well as a great tune, his use of words and rhymes struck me immediately, and I had to find more of his music.
Anyone who can rhyme Rheostat and Thermostat in a song, in context, and make sense has my money, right there!
And having the wonderful Ms Bridgers accompany him as well on this latest song is a win, I discovered her through 6Music, when they played “Emotional Motion Sickness”, the lyrics and her voice had me smitten.


That is really lovely (and now I have to go back to Dickenson and see if the house/sets were accurate).

I realized when I clicked on the article that for years whenever I see Andrew Bird’s name my brain inserts “Andrew Poppy” and I ignore it thinking “Huh, he’s still around?”

After listening to some more of his stuff, noticing some vocal similarities to Duncan Sheik and his connection to themes from Greek myth I would really like to hear him cover David Sylvain’s Orpheus

ETA: aaaannnddd, he has an Orpheus song (Orpheo Looks Back). How did I not know about this guy. I collect Orpheus songs!


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