Angel's Envy

I just finished my third or fourth bottle of Angel’s Envy a week or so ago. I’ve been drinking it for about six months since a free whiskey tasting in Austin, TX. Out of 20 bottles, I only like the Redbreast (Irish single pot) and the Pappy Van Winkle better. Apparently you can’t get Pappy for love nor money, but Redbreast is readily available in Austin and only slightly more expensive than Angel’s Envy. And I have a brand new bottle waiting at home. :smile:

Not to rub it in but here in Chicago I can get it for around $40 US a 750ml bottle. It’s pretty good stuff. Haven’t tried the rye yet. It’s on my list.

Well holey hell! I make Colkegan at Santa Fe Spirits, we’re incredibly proud of it. Thanks so much for the mention and so glad you liked it. PS: Tried to get into London this last Fall but didn’t make it. Maybe next year!


meh. pour me an Aberlour.


I’d love to try this stuff, but at ~$100 a pop, it’s tricky to go past Aberlour A’bunadh. And there’s some really decent rums at that price-point too. Or Penfold’s Grandfather port. Or Ardbeg Uigeadail.

So many choices, so little sobriety. :smiley:


Do you have a distributor in the Bay Area?

I’ve been meaning to get the 21 Year Old Pulteney for a while. I really like their standard one.

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We’re going into CA in 2015. You can order our stuff through our website and we can ship just not local yet.


Please drop me a line when and if you find a UK distributor!

There’s a couple of really good bottle-shops in London with incredible selections who’d be good targets for a sales-call:

City Beverage Co:


and nationally, the Whisky Exchange seems the place for mail-order:

If you folks ever visit the Chicago area (and want to bring a bottle through customs) you can find Angel’s Envy at a decent price from Binny’s Beverage Depot:

I am not affiliated in any way with Binny’s, I just shopped there all the time when I lived in the Windy City.

I’ve had Angel’s Envy and I enjoyed it. But just so you know a lot of the “story” behind the brand is just marketing, it’s distilled at a mega-factory in Indiana with a bunch of other whiskeys:


Is that the rye or the bourbon, though?

Not that I like the idea either way.

I always wonder about ‘new’ distilleries producing whiskey, and how they fund the first 5-10 years before they have a product they can sell.

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If you want to get the straight bonded low down on bourbon/whiskey check out Chuck Cowdery’s blog

The Sour Mash Manifesto isn’t a bad review site

I would have posted more links but one can only post 2 links.

Definitely check out Chuck’s site. He does great work.


Binny’s is an excellent choice for any type of alcohol. The Clybourn location especially has EVERYTHING.

I’m sure I saw Angel’s Envy at Costco of all places (along with a 21yo Aberfeldy, which I picked up for my dad). Next time I’m there I’ll look for it.

great article. thanks for sharing! it helped me understand why some of my recent purchases have been underwhelming.

I feel good about myself for knowing most of those, but agree with the article that Goose Island is a sad story… : (

A party? Sure. Bring a bottle.

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I know a few of those because I know people who work with the Craft Brewers Alliance. I still buy Red Hook occasionally, it was a local beer, at least. As far as Magic Ass-Hat #9 goes, I wouldn’t like them even if they really were craft brewers, and I never especially liked Pyramid anyway.

But I am reminded of a British TV show where they took Babycham to a real ale show, filled up a cask with it, gave it a silly name and said it was craft perry, and the patrons lapped it up.

Edit: Because somehow on my last edit to add the link I managed to delete the video…


I’ll absolutely do so! Can I send you a bottle in thanks for the mention?

That’s an odd way to refer to strippers.

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