Angry at Kenyan train in Thomas the Tank Engine, the NRA posts picture of trains in Klan hoods


I get diversity in background, face shape, gender and accent but are train designs that different around the world?
Also I don’t think she’s complaining about Nia, she’s mocking the idea.


…Of even acknowledging that others countries actually exist, and that Modor is not its’ own planet?

Oh, the horror!

Also welcome to boing boing, comrade.


And that distinction is important how?


Given how commonly grammatical gender pops up; in a variety of language families and roughly since the Advent of dirt; it wouldn’t even slightly surprise me if they neither started with ungendered trains nor accidentally went down that route.

It’s by no means universal; but gendering things a lot less plausibly gendered than anthropomorphic trains is just basic grammar in a lot of languages. Gendering human faces bolted onto rolling stock is practically self-evident by comparison.


Damn, and I thought that they were just a fucking cult:



This isn’t the first time Thomas & Friends introduced a new character from another country. What exactly is it about an AFRICAN train that warrants mockery? And why the heck is the NRA even weighing in on a kid’s show that has nothing to do with guns?

SPOILER: the answer to both questions is “racism.”)


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