Dallas restaurant tires of NRA convention racists


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I’ve eaten there. Nice place! Glad some Dallas folks are bucking the stereotype.


The NRA condemns those who boycott businesses that oppose them and then calls for a boycott of a business that supports reasonable gun control. How odd.


I guess that’s the best way to deal with it. But mostly I just find it tiresome that we have to spend attention on these garbage people, when it is they who need to be doing work on the problem that is themselves.


Responsible gun owners™


Bummer: https://townhall.com/notebook/bethbaumann/2018/05/05/dallas-restaurant-quickly-backpedals-support-for-gun-control-during-nra-annual-meeting-n2477851



So they’re boycotting a restaurant for supporting sensible gun regulations; that means they’re all boycotting Mike Pence’s talk, right? RIGHT?!


There’s nothing in the twenty-seven words that make up the Second Amendment that garuantees the right to be a rude, malignant asshole.

Seriously. It should be possible to love guns and not behave like a racist shitweasle to everyone you come in contact with.


Not all gun owners are racist shitweasles, but…


Wasn’t suggesting that they are, just that among the subset of gun owners who strongly identify with NRA, there appears to be a growing correlation.

ETA: And maybe if more of the thoughtful supporters of the Second Amendment start to feel uncomfortable that they are being conflated with racist shitweasles, they will be more inclined to stand up to the NRA and push for sensible gun control legislation.


Why would anyone seek an enjoyable meal where they’re sure to be met with hostility?


That last part. That’s what is the pushing point for me.

When cop violence happens we remind our selves how there are good cops. But it’s getting hard to know which are so better to treat them all as assholes out to gun people down. It’s safer.

I cannot tell from a close distance which gun owner is responsible or irresponsible, a racist right wing jack wagon or a normal human being. Safer to assume they are all awful human beings and keep my distance.


I just want to say racist shitweasel again


More and more, I’m convinced that both Guns Rights and Anti Abortion people, are really just concerned that white ain’t what it used to be. The weapons and the medical procedures are just convenient dog whistles.

If the left weren’t itself so racially divided, it would be in a much better place to just call that out for what it is. Yikes.


Then I’m happy to be able to tell you that the current decade should offer you numerous opportunities.


townhall.com is trying to spin it that way. I think the restaurant had to try to clarify their message for the hard-of-thinking.


I guess I wasn’t quite clear,. The rest of that statement would have been; “all racist shitweasles are gun owners.”
Its not really accurate in it’s complete version either, but, well,… sometimes accuracy has
has to make way for “cute.”


I dunno:

“What was not expected was that those two words – reasonable and effective – would be misinterpreted as our support for gun control. The mistake was an honest one. The opposite is true.”

Sounds like they’re saying theOppositeOf(“our support for gun control”) == true


Just popping in to note that weasels are lovely creatures and not at all deserving of being associated with the most horrid specimens of homo sapiens one can think of.