Angry barber gives man a 'Three Stooges' haircut and a snip on his ear


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angry barber was ticketed for non-criminal disorderly conduct.

Alls well that ends well…


The sides shaved & top like a boy’s regular?

He didn’t go in and say - give me the Nazi hairdo; did he?


Yes. Yes he did. And then the barber sez, you want Nazi, I’ll give you Nazi and buzzed him right down the middle to start him on his skinhead. And then had to stand his ground with his scissors.


Good thing he didn’t ask for a shave too.

Bugs Bunny: There, you’re nice and clean / Although your face looks like it might have gone through a ma-chine.


“… a scissors.”



So he had it changed to a Curly.


Everyone knows a “Three Stooges” haircut is a Moe.







And Anton Chigurh


Just one of the fun results of doing an image search for angry haircut:



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