Hair salon customer smackdown: recipient of bad haircut v. extremely loyal customer

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Looks like it was shot with a potato. Would have been more entertaining if it showed the protagonists, rather than just the space between them.


My sympathies are with the husband. Poor guy,


What do you want to bet she’s voting for Trump

I know several people that cut hair and it seems that crazy things often happen at the beauty salon that most of us just never hear about. Kudos to this guy for documenting it.

“Was a client over-cautious? He made you nervous. And when he said ‘I’m gonna sue you!’ Oh, I really felt for you.”


I had a woman who had to have finished at least half a handle of vodka cut my hair once. She kept pushing boobs on my neck and asking if I was a good landscaper. I am so polite and ‘fuck it it’s worth a story’ that I let her finish and just wore a hat the rest of the month (plus fucked up haircuts generally suit my aesthetic). Hope she worked out whatever it was.


You know, that’s exactly where my associative thoughts went. Say one thing while doing another, often something completely illogical and insane.

To paraphrase typical memes being pushed in the facebook circles of former high school classmates: “Racist liberals!”

Awww video has been removed by the user… Now I will never know.


I have never got a bad cut but I did get my ear nipped by the clippers once. Not sure why the poor guy at Rudy’s was nervous that day but he was. It wasn’t that bad really and I figured I made it 45+ years in life without a mishap of that sort so it was due or something. Even though they were gonna give me the cut for free I told the counter guy to put the whole $15 in the tip jar.



@beschizza you want to update to this video since the original has been taken down.

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Wow she looks like a serious rage addict. I fear and pity such people, especially now that they have found their Leader.


If you ever want to move to Canada, they probably won’t even make you fill out the paperwork. 10,000 Karma Kredits for you.


She’s a psycho AND a bad actor. Who were those half-assed screams supposed to convince?

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