Home haircut hijinks

This is certainly not me but we have been cutting each other’s hair at home during the big bad Q and l found this video a great help as I’m tired of looking like a barbary pirate. Share any tips on home barbershop/salon techniques. Hell, I’m about 1 week away from a mohawk, because why the hell not!


Regarding that bit about trimming over the ears…

Some sturdier, more “professional” kits have over the ear guides, both right and left, that make a smooth angled fade over the ear.


if the Flowbee ever had a viral marketing moment …


I found a good article looking for ear guides

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just go bald. do it!


First time my wife asked if she could cut my hair and was trepidatious, I told her “don’t sweat it, I can always just buzz it all off”. A little devil on my shoulder has been whispering your post in my ear ever since then.

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just be careful i did it because i was working out before my first post college job and didn;t have time to dry my beautiful, flowing hair

the next time i tried to grow it out… i couldn’t.

RIP hair.


How does that happen!? Is there a medical basis for it?

Some people just start balding in their mid 20s

Gotcha! I thought it was due to the shaving.

Oh, yeah. Hijinks.

When I was 5 years old and my sister 3, she asked me to cut her hair. I did, using plastic ‘play’ scissors. Then my mom walked in; that was the first time I ever saw her cry. The cut was a disaster. Years later, during one of my visits back east to see my folks, my sister and her new baby dropped by. My sis noticed that my hair was a little bit longer than my usual preference, and offered to trim it for me; why go to a stylist, she said, when she cut her girlfriends’ hair a lot. (Evidently, she and her friends did that for each other.) I figure, what the heck. It’s just a trim, and her friends were apparently okay with her work. She and I had never spoken about the job I did on her do when she was 3 years old, so she likely forgot about it. So I say, go for it. So, she’s snipping away for about a minute or so… then starts talking about the miserable haircut I gave her back then. Oops. I joked that this was her chance for vengeance. She just chuckled and just kept right on snipping away. I can’t say I wasn’t a little nervous. Moment of truth; using a hand mirror, I checked out her work in the bathroom. Everything looked… fine. And it didn’t bother me one bit that my sis got some enjoyment from my time under the scissors; she earned it.


I was just searching about info on the Flowbee today.
Words I never imagined I would every say.


As an adult shut in I have done some reading on them.

They work, but the blades dull quickly. And replacement blades cost enough to have stopped me from purchasing any of it.


Sounds like the early versions were made really well but the modern version is janky. I’m not even sure if it would work with my vacuum. I’m just going to let my hair grow. It’s not like my dog cares.


My dogs and I have a good relationship.



I used to walk my dog but now it feels more like she walks me. About every 2 hours she gives me the look that says I have been staring at the glowing box too long and need a trip to the roof for sunshine.

At sunset she insist we sit on the couch and watch.

Oh here is the look.


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