Hair Self-care

You mean “the covid”? It’s funny how that became the default for so many guys.

I just stopped cutting it. My sister gave me a trim back in February.


I decided to beat genetics to the punch and went full chrome-dome.


I went full shag with mine (other than that annoying balding spot… but I wasn’t going out, so who cares). True aging 1970’s rock star grow out, it was glorious, as was the beard I grew for the first few months until I got tired of it and shaved again.


I have had a large beard for many years. COVID has been a cycle of cutting it short to remove mask damage. Then growing it back out. Repeat.

So that was probably the right call.

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I got mine cut 15 days after my second shot… Ah, those days of optimism.


I lived my 20s and most of my 30s doing the “just don’t cut it, tie it back” look.


I’m shooting more for sasquatch after a bender.


Eat yer heart out, Flowbee.

We have done home haircuts for decades over here.
Fast, cheap, and after the first few rounds, pretty good.

This is what we use:

We use oil on the blades every single time. It makes a big difference especially for blade life. Recurring expenses are just the bottles of oil and new blades.

I use this on our crosscut shredder as well. Metal blades are metal blades.


Yeah, I got the COVID Cut, because it is easy enough to take a trimmer to the sides and back, but not to cut my own top so it looks like anything other than a decrepit vacant lot

Sorta… its longer on top and straight back.

Yeah the big beard and the mask thing are a tough act to deal with. I’ve started using N95 masks and they are a lot more snug fitting. Here’s the thing that I really hate though. With a white mask on over my bushy beard it looks a lot like a diaper on a Pomeranians ass. Woof!


I use neck gaiters with ear loops on em. Either on its own or doubled up with a standard medical mask.

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So, more like this then…

Yeah, I was being a dick, sorry.

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My hair is the longest I’ve ever had it. Reviews have been positive so might as well keep this train rolling.

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I haven’t cut mine since the pandemic started either.

Or for the 30 years before that come to think of it.


I had a trim too. I think it was 1991. Because my mum made me. My last shave was shortly after. This whole COVID thing has just been a bunch of people moving in on my look. Which is okay, I think it’s a good look and there’s plenty to go around.


Hair: every 4 to 6 weeks on the #4 setting. Exactly as for the 15 odd years before Covid.

Covid beard: once a week on the #3 setting.

Covid beard is on probation - my SO says it suits me and looks good. But as we haven’t been closer than 900 km for the last 18 months the real test is still pending; she is a bit ticklish in places.


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