Oops. Nevermind. California rolls back reopening as coronavirus spikes

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I really don’t get why hair salons and barber shops are even an issue. Take some scissors and have some fun! I let my awesome wife do it 2 months ago, and my kids are going to town with the clippers when (if) my hair grows back. It’s a whole lot grayer than it was last year.


I’m really interested to hear more about the definition of “offices for non-critical sectors” because if I’m not mistaken I think I’m in one right now…

Meanwhile in Florida, DeSantis responds to their spoke by demanding that everyone french kiss one stranger per day.


Also valid option: doing nothing at all with your hair.


I thought they changed that to “freedom kiss.”


Heck, my hair isn’t even growing back which I guess is a fortunate. The problem is that I shaved my beard/goatee so my N99 masks would work so now I have to deal with a 5 o’clock shadow every day. Blah.


I corresponded with a family member in FLA yesterday, who stated the numbers are inflated, covid is not that contagious, not worse than a cold, and all the attention about the pandemic is a designed political response to undermine trump. I fear for their life.


Yeah, same. So, ironically, I’m paying more attention to my hair than I have in years. (One weird thing I’ve discovered is, that in the years since I was last clean-shaven, my skin and/or the coarseness of my stubble have changed. It seems more difficult to get a clean shave, and the stubble itches in ways it never did before.)


They should just play the “you lose” horns from The Price is Right on the TVs.


I really feel this. I dropped about 40 lbs. a little over a year ago and my face and head stopped looking like it was a Charlie Brown circle. Once I had face gains I started growing the beard out. At the start of the lock down I had a decently long beard that I daresay made me look slightly badass. (I am not a badass) I miss my beard, but I know it’s better for masks and it was starting to feel like it was a big germ catcher on my face.


Yes, concentrate on their life. It’s too late to fear for their sanity.

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There has been a simple demarcation between those who have drank the trump koolaid and normal rational folks.

trumpies believe the mainstream media are left wing and publish “fake news”, and once detached from real reporting are susceptible to a wide range of leading on from right wing bloggers and the president himself.

That was all well and good up till the pandemic. Then trump led them into the ideas that the virus is not so bad, and the statistics are fake, and too much testing makes it look worse than it is, and we don’t need masks, we should open back up, and send our kids to school.

And now people are starting to die in numbers in Florida, and Texas, and they are in complete fucking denial. Now they are propping up that its all a conspiracy that the whole world is in on, just to make trump look bad. In the rest of the world they all got better because the virus is not so bad, but here fake hospital numbers, and too much testing is making it look bad and its not - its not any worse than those other countries that better already.

If you are still sticking to that fallacy you are truly an idiot.


Can’t you just ask them why they think all the countries in Europe shut down? Or would they say that the entire populations of, eg, Italy and Spain, were willing to undergo virtual house arrest for months because they too hate Trump?


Well, at least I got a shopping day in to get new underwear and hot-weather clothes.


Thats a good point - there are many good points when you are confronting an argument so full of fallacies. But in the moment I can not rise to being a debate captain.


I’m struggling to rise to the level of boy scout these days.
I’m starting to become callous and curt in my relationships.
So many “intelligent” people about, now completely incapable of critical or analytical thought, it scares me half witless and I’m convinced that I’m the paranoid weirdo, the only one to consistently wear a mask in the office.
I’m so glad there’s BoingBoing in my world, because I know I’m not completely alone, feeling surrounded by a sea of wilful and deathly ignorance.
Bon courage, mes amis, thank you for being here and keeping it real !


I’ve been rather enjoying cutting my wife’s short hair. She seems to be pleased with the haircut and I think we’ll keep this going even after the pandemic.


You’re trying to rationalise. Now there’s debate between doctors on what is the best strategy for containing the virus, and for sure the rulings on mask usage that changed over time are a sign of this.
Some theories were unfortunately proven wrong other were right but nobody was denying that there’s a pandemic.

By the way Cuba sent doctors and nurses in Italy to help in the peak of pandemic. I haven’t heard nothing about Florida sending doctors to help. This is a bad PR move from US administration.
And yes I think if hone has to choose to get a vacation in Florida or Cuba, will choose the latte both because remembers who helped and pecuse there aren’t trumpies runnin without mask and spreading the virus.