This cheap professional grade electric razor is an upgrade I never knew I wanted

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BoingBoing, I hardly knew ye.


my beard and eyebrows (no way I am doing the latter myself)

Why not? It’s easy with a pair of small, sharp scissors. The biggest issue I have is wearing glasses and having to peer through them at a slightly awkward angle.

And this:

grooming regiment

Umm - it’s regimen (or regime) @SeamusBellamy. I hate to think what the army’s Grooming Regiment does - I mean, in peacetime they might take care of the Household Cavalry’s horses or the Queen’s Guards’ bearskin hats, but in times of war? It’s too scary to think what they might get up to in the face (literally) of the enemy!


I don’t know, since my 20’s it has felt a lot like that. The battle on the head was won and the troops have been ordered south to explore dangerous new territory. Many setup camps along the way. More than half have retreated to the cover of darkness in an area beyond “The Waistband”. Even more worrisome is their encroachment toward rather biologically unstable areas. The remaining troops in the North are hunkering down in strategically located areas surrounded by difficult terrain. While the nose and ears are showing signs of skirmishes, the eyebrows show wontan disregard for their safety, lashing out and becoming rather erratic.

I have just as much hair on my body as I did at 20, it is now just not interested being confined to my head.


But about shavers: I’ve been using the Braun travel shavers for years, variously labeled Pocket Go or Twist or Mobile. The formula has remained pretty much the same though several design iterations: two-AA-powered, single-foil, with a pivoting cover. They’re relatively cheap and give a very decent shave, even for my two- or three-day stubble. My only complaint is that Braun has changed the cutter/foil design (as they seem to do for all their old products), so I can’t get replacement parts for my apparently-unbreakable first-generation unit, so when the foil gives out I would have to buy a whole new shaver. On the other hand, the new basic model runs $16 and the M90, with a trimmer, is $25. I’ve been using battery-powered travel shavers for 40 years now, and these are the most reliable I’ve found. (Years ago, Radio Shack carried them as rack items and blew them out at some ridiculous price, so I bought three. Might turn out to be a lifetime supply for an old guy.)

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While on the topic. These things need to become USB chargeable.

There is definitely room for a Kickstarter with a compact travel friendly USB chargeable beard trimmer.


how on earth did you travel with a safety razor? I’ve had 2 Merkurs snatched up by TSA i only travel with the shittiest of bics now.

it’s the boingboing store ads for things like dehumidifying humidifiers that really get me

The trick is mailing blades to your destination hotel or hostel.

The BaByliss stuff is usually worth the money.

Their main task is to run the logistics train for the 1st Battalion Transvestite Brigade (Airborne wing).

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