Ridiculously expensive disposable razors are a betrayal of Gillette's original socialist principles

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Harumph! I thought that 17-blade razor was in the Boing Boing Store.


I got so sick of this game that I switched to an old-school safety razor and buy replacement blades in packs of 100 so they cost me about 9 cents each. I’d been considering switching to a straight razor but I’m afraid I might open up an artery if I shaved before having my coffee.

  1. I agree that razors are way too expensive

  2. As a head shaver, I can tell you there’s a big difference between a Mach 3 and a safety razor. I learned to shave with a safety razor and, with a bit of practice, you can get a very close, cheap shave. When it comes to shaving your head though, I would never want to use one. I can climb into the shower still half asleep and shave with a Mach 3 without butchering my head and face. That’s worth the price to me.


I had always heard him described as the capitalist ‘genius’ who figured out the printer should be cheap - the real money was in the ink. And that all if this fame out it the civil war and the idea of standardized replacement parts for guns. Prior to the civil war gun parts were more handmade and unique and not interchangeable. It’s interesting to hear Gillette described in this utopian socialist way.


What about those mail order subscription razors?


The US persona’s are pretty mild and work well with all my DE razors. Astra’s are good except in aggressive razors “shark” blades are decent but watch out for anything coming out of Russian factories ( this includes Gillette blades) I don’t think they got the message about quality control and are hit and miss.
I’d advise against the Japanese"Feather" blades because you can actually be too sharp…
Best bet for new single blade shavers is a trial pack with packages of several different types of blade. These can be found at Amazon. You really don’t want to ge stuck with 100 blades that leave you feeling sunburned or worse.
Tl;dr if the country of origin is anywhere in the EU, Israel or the USA you likely will be OK BUT how blades work in every single razors is a YMMV proposition so don’t buy 100 of anything before you decide they work for you.
this is really important! A properly lathered face is essential for single blade shaves because there isn’t a stripe of chemical goo being laid on your face to fool you into thinking you got a great shave.
Use a quality tallow or glycerin based soap because if you use that gel or foam your going to have a bad time.


There is some common household fluid you can supposedly leave the razor immersed in to keep air away from the blade and prolong its life. I’m not sure what it is. Maybe mineral oil.


Not worth it. Shake the razor dry after use and can the blade after 3-5 shaves ( or whenever you notice your shaves getting less kind)
Pro tip. Too dull to shave with still means plenty sharp. Store used blades in a metal container (I’ve been using the same Altoids container for 3 years) and contact your waste hauler before you dispose of sharps. Some places consider used razor blades as biohazards.


What about the supplier to that one heavily advertised mail order subscription service (dorcousa dot com)?


I just shave once a fortnight.


I have a very nice Dovo straight razor my wife bought me early on when we were dating. Even 15 years later and I’m hesitant about using it. The face isn’t that hard, but the neck and jaw line are daunting. That and the time it takes, don’t get me wrong it’s a great shave, but I can bang out a very good shave in the shower with my Sensor Excel in a couple minutes where this takes at 10 plus.

Ridiculously expensive disposable razors are a betrayal of Gillette’s original socialist principles

I don’t imagine Henry Gaylord Wilshire would be that happy with modern Wilshire Boulevard either.

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Is that why Marx wore a beard?


Merkur. Safety. Razor.

Although I occasionally use Trak II just for fun or travel.

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Obligatory Dara O’Briain:

"What can blades four and five possibly contribute that blades one, two, and three didn’t cover already?"


I don’t understand all this obsession with using fresh blades so frequently. I use use the same one for months without discomfort. Sure the results aren’t as baby smooth as a fresh razor but they are completely fine.

Note: I do often sport a full beard so during those times I’m only cleaning up the edges but even when I switch to goatee mode I have no problems using a “worn out” blade for extended periods.

Edit: Hell, I’m still finishing up a 3 pack of disposable razors I bought while on the road well over a year ago.


This year I lost my old track-2 handle, which had much sentimental value. When I went to buy another, I found they’re not available. I don’t know if they even make them any more.

So I stepped up to the something-3, and I was not surprised to see the something-4 blades are more expensive, and the something-5 even more. I went with whatever’s cheapest - except I’ve noticed store brands aren’t always very good.

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Yep, bought a Merkur and box of 100 Derby blades almost 2 years ago. Still working on the same box of Derbys, since I only shave 2-3 times a week. Can’t imagine how much money I’ve saved over the past 2 years.


I think you might be right.
Flipside? razors don’t need replacing as often as people seem to think.
I swap my disposable triple blade every 4-6 months or so, depending on how often I use it.