Great deal on Philips OneBlade

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Maybe it’s being marked down because, ya know, it basically sucks. Even the TV ads have to print a disclaimer that it’s nowhere near as close a shave as typical 2-5 blade safety razors

True, it does not shave as close as the multi-blade razors But, many guys don’t want that close of a shave anyway. I’m well satisfied with this product. BTW: try shaving off a weeks growth with even a fresh multi-blade. That hurts! The one-blade no pain, no worries. And yes that’s a great deal.

And a word of warning: Philips learned from the printer industry. The razor is rather cheap, it’s the blades that make the money.

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Still not a good deal. Get a regular double-edge safety razor or a straight razor. Much better, much cheaper, much more enjoyable shave if you go either of these paths instead.


I would love to.

Unfortunately for me the ‘safety’ part just means “unlikely to be able to accidentally slit your throat with it” rather than “will actually allow you to shave without leaving your neck a bleeding mess”.

Admittedly I suspect that’s more down to the crappy cheap razors and my lack of practice but it’s a big ask to spend real money on a decent razor and invest the time to learn how to shave without cutting yourself to ribbons while also having to somehow manage to leave the house everyday without looking like the sole survivor of a zombie apocalypse movie. Or one of the zombies depending on how successful the shaving went.

You can’t pack a safety razor in your carry-on.

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This is the one drawback, I agree. I travel with a Schick Hydro 3 whenever I can’t take my Feather DE shaver.

For me, it depends on the shaver design.

I have ridiculously sensitive skin. Every cartridge shaver makes me break out to some degree; Schick’s just happens to be the least offensive. Electric floating head razors just cause ingrown hairs (and do nothing to remove dead skin cells, which my dermatologist at the time suggested might be a side benefit to razor shaving).

I’ve had straight razor shaves from pros. Best shave ever but, left to pros, is expensive (and would be damn hard to fit into my current work schedule).

When I first heard of the wonders of DE shaving ten years ago, I bought a Merkur long-handle shaver. Tore my face and neck to reddened tatters. After two months, I gave up. Swore off DE shaving.

Two years ago I bought a Feather DE shaver based on solemn reviews that it was much more forgiving and gentle than the Merkur yet equally effective—ideal for people like me with super-sensitive skin.

Damn thing is amazing. I still have to use hypoallergenic shaving soap and be mindful of growth direction when shaving in order to avoid irritation but this is the best setup I’ve found for me so far. Maybe someday I’ll spring for a straight razor but their need for maintenance deters me.

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