This $15 travel electric razor is my go-to shaver

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Mark, we want you in the Beard Club. Put away that nasty razor…


I have one of those little guys, too. While it’s not my main razor, it is surprisingly good.


Christ, Mark. How many fucking gadgets do you have, anyway?


Beard club? You heathen!

It’s safety razors or nothing!
You can keep a straight razor for the mandatory weekly duels to the death but that’s as far as technology should go!


I would be intrigued, but I reckon replacement heads are $45 a pair or something obscene.

I would have thought this would be another case in which the cheap Asian wholesalers would be falling over each other to offer a perfectly adequate replacements, but I have found no such thing.

Determining the “best” shaving tech is a personal matter, but I have to pass on what a friend said about rotary shavers way back when they were only Norelcos: “They don’t cut your whiskers–they just wear them down.”

(My personal favorite travel shaver is an old Braun Pocket Twist, but that’s just me, innit.)

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A safety razor has been my go-to for the past three years. I spend about $3 a year on blades, and it’s a wonderful shave.


I have a Thorens Riveria clockwork travel razor.

I can’t recommend it, though; they haven’t been made since the late 50s (although the Russian space program copied them in the early 60s I think) so you’ll never find one with both a sharp blade and a strong mainspring. The old springs are too weak to cut wiry beards and the old blades are too worn to cut silky beards.

The technology exists today to make an amazing, better-than-battery-driven windup razor. I don’t think you’ll see one reach the market in my lifetime, though.

When I travel I take my regular shaving kit and use the hot water and sink where I am staying.


I bought a Feather DE shaver over a year ago and I love it. It took a month or so to become proficient but the payoff–a great shave, paying next to nothing for blades–was worth the upfront cost.

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