Stylist who gave man unwanted ‘Three Stooges' haircut arrested for snipping his ear

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Always make sure you maintain a good relationship with anyone who wields scissors near your noggin.


Roger That!


And this is exactly why these professions need strict licencing. I wonder if this guy’s will be revoked

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I have pretty curly hair, it’s relatively soft so it can be deceiving. Most hair dressers can cut my hair no problem but i have had a couple that were not used to my hair type and struggled with it, i’m always patient and apologetic. The worst instance as a super nice hair dresser who took a really long time to cut my hair, and she accidentally nicked her fingers 2-3 times trying to cut it with scissors ): felt bad about it but at least it was a good cut.

Usually my preference is for my mom to cut my hair every other month or so when i visit. Its free and she knows how to deal with it.


Usually these are different licences. Hair stylists usually also have esthetician privileges too.
Whoops my bad I assumed the guy was a barber but he’s a stylist… unless they are using the terms interchangeably

I’ve had a few bad haircuts over the years, normally when I’ve moved somewhere new and needed to find a new stylist. But I’ve only had one bad stylist. And honestly he didn’t do a terrible job, he was just the most hyper person I’ve ever known and it was a little like having the Tasmanian Devil give me a cut.

Fortunately I’ve been able to stick with the same stylist for the last ten years. Plus I keep my hair extremely long, so all they have to do is clean up around the ears and keep the split-ends under control every three or so months. Sometimes I’ve wished for slightly curlier hair, but everyone I know who has curly hair has told me it’s harder to work with.

It kind of can be, i’ve had my hair cut by a barber once and he was damn good at it. I think they’re all the same thing but some guys are more comfortable with the barber term because it sounds manlier than stylist or hair dresser or whatever.

Coincidentally, and talking about male insecurity, i spotted this during my holiday visit to Houston.


Might be a Texas thing. This place is in Roanoke…

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Seems less try-hard than the “Manly Salon” thing, but the level of machismo here in Texas can be something else.

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Peter Gabriel rockin the reverse mohawk

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It’s been done.


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Yeah, but the posts are already closed on that topic, so I’ll leave this one open

Came here for the Figaro jokes.

Left disappointed.

I’ve done my own hair for twenty years. My last haircut was for my wedding. The stylist did such a lousy job, I had to do it again myself when I got home.

Thank you male pattern baldness; you’ve saved me a fortune over time.

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may be a bit dated and specific to UK, but then I don’t follow hairstyling trends

In Massachusetts at least “barbers” are limited to specific services. (Shave and a haircut 2 bits)
Hair stylists (again definitely separate license in specifically Massachusetts) can do things like perms nails and certain facials

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