Angry "sovereign citizen" meets polite police officer

Exactly. If they’re such an evil terrorist regime, why are they following any laws,including their own? One would think they’d kill dissidents indiscriminately and without pretense.

Ooh la la…


That’s pretty common among sovereign citizens. One common trend/crime that they like to try to pull off is wait for people to leave their house for an extended period (say, on a vacation) and, citing that “If you abandon something, you forfeit all your rights and title to it, and title is not a piece of paper. Title is when you grab it and say ‘mine,’” they would break in and change the locks, put up “no trespassing” signs and filing “quiet title” legal papers.


Whether or not this woman’s behavior is palatable is not my point- she’s kind of silly about it, actually. But an underlying assumption I perceive behind the general reaction that bothers me is that it is good to be obedient to laws in general- laws that, if they were examined closely, might be like sausages in that one can get disgusted when it is seen how they are made. I think out society is so deeply indoctrinated into the cult of authority that hardly anybody sees themselves as unconscious participants in a Milgram Experiment, but maybe that’s how aliens would see us if they landed tomorrow.

I would totally support a set of laws that protects individual liberty and freedom by preventing other people and organizations from impinging on those things. With the largest prison population in the history of the world stocked largely with perpetrators of victimless crimes, the US doesn’t really operate that way. I see the laws are more about maintaining the control of the ruling class and their ability to carry on as they are, including mass murder overseas - where unfortunate people have the bad luck to live over oil, for example - to further their greed.



Did someone flag the “I know you’re going to delete my post” guy?

You’ve just proved him right.


Those aren’t Wingnut Dollars. They’re Dunning-Kruegerrands.


That appears to be more than a flagging, but who cares?

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Thread won.


If I were a Sovereign, I’d use that comment for currency. That’s how gold it is.


Am I wrong in thinking deleting his post was excessive? It strikes me as excessive for reasons I can’t really articulate right now, but I’m not going to lose any sleep over it any time soon.


This cop deserves a raise.


From the site TOS, no reason is necessary. The user created an account, posted a couple walls of text, and disappeared within minutes. I personally don’t have a lot of sympathy for drive-bys. My 2 cents anyway.


Laws have power because they can be enforced, not because they are good.
If such a law exists it is because at some point society has deemed it good/useful /expedient.
Merely opting out of a law only serves to avoid responsibility for participating in society and deciding what is good and/or useful.
Society does not care if you want to participate in it, merely existing is enough for you or any person to be part of that society.


He intentionally violated the BBS guidelines by copying and pasting long passages of text instead of participating in the discussion. Should we suspend the rules just to prove him wrong?


Two long copy/paste rants with interspersed all caps apparently tying to drag the thread off topic - can’t say it’s a bad call to just yank it.


I’m just confused about how they find us…are we on a list somewhere on a rightist website as a community that must be attacked? Or is it just the random connectedness of Google?


And throwing in pre-emptive outright insults towards anyone who might disagree with him, to boot.

Saying “I’m going to get banned” before violating all the rules shouldn’t protect one from enforcement of the rules, any more than saying “I’m an ‘article four free inhabitant’” protects one from being arrested for driving without a license…


“I’m know I’m gonna get kicked out of the bar for this…”

Whips out dick to piss on billiard table, gets grabbed by the collar and tossed out front door by bouncer

“Aha! You proved me right!”


No joke–I got the impression the woman had put a bag over her head to hide her identity and the cop was trying to pull it off. Okay, so I have a strange imagination.


Sovereigns are rarer than doubloons around here. I have sympathy for the poor deluded souls… until they start converting others. Then, I only have sympathy for their victims.