Angry "sovereign citizen" meets polite police officer

Loathsome is the thief who steals the bicycle.


Roger That!


By His Noodly Appendage, these people are crazy.

Birth certificate
This form establishes each person’s corporate shell, a kind of evil doppelgänger that is attached to every flesh-and-blood baby. That shell is then supposedly sold by the government as a security to foreign investors to enrich Federal Reserve bankers.

This reminds me of a schizophrenic friend who believed lizard people were secretly running the government. Though I do like it as science fiction.

This business with the capital letters and such is like a cargo cult interpretation of legalese.


BTW: Can anyone explain why the BB page won’t load???

Have the ALIENS invaded and I just don’t know it?

OT, but: I’ve been seeing some very suspicious ones on Craigslist. They don’t have a picture (“I’ll text it to you rom my burner phone”) or they’re ridiculously cheap (the “I just need to score” $20 ride).


Jokes on the police. After everything said and done, and thanks to the high conversion rate, the fees and fines only came to 1 Wingnut Dollar.


I wonder if they care whether or not Dumbf is elected.

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“Those are Sovereign Chemicals!”


I think that, by accepting citizenship of a country — instead of emigrating, accepting citizenship of a different country with laws you like better, and renouncing your previous citizenship — you are implicitly accepting the laws of the country that you are a citizen and resident of.

Now, you can resist those laws (civil disobedience) to make an example, but the whole point of civil disobedience is that you’re showing that the law is unjust, by showing that you are treated unjustly. If they just let you go, you aren’t being treated unjustly, so part of civil disobedience is the acceptance of the punishment that the unjust laws demand. If there’s no punishment, then there’s no incentive for others to change the unjust laws.

Also, to use a ludicrously extreme example: if Alice murders Bob, should she be allowed to walk free because she didn’t consent to the “murder is a felony” law?

It depends. If my parents went a hundred thousand dollars into debt to pay for my education, then died before the debt could be paid off, isn’t it fair to the lender that I pay the debt, as I received the benefit of the money, even if I didn’t consent to the debt?


“Those are Sovereign Chemicals!”

I keep those in my sovereign home.


Don’t you see how “methamfetameen” is spelled in lower case letters? You can’t take that!



It’s interesting to see the support of laws in the posts here.

I suppose they are a great concept, but shouldn’t they apply to the rich and privileged as well? You know, like the Wall Street Bankers who robbed the middle class and the Bankers who laundered drug cartel money? Or maybe the politicians that lied us into wars of conquest that killed hundreds of thousands?

Let’s be real. We live in a society of laws for some people and not others.


I’m not sure what comments make you think any of us believe that laws shouldn’t be applied equally. The lack of justice at the top doesn’t make sovereign citizens (who generally trade on white privilege and a very mistaken view of how the legal system works) any more palatable.


“I’ll sue you!”

In that case the proper resolution would be to take the remaining debt out of your parents’ estate before you could inherit it. If the value of their estate was less than the value of the loan, then that’s on the lender for making a bad investment.


“You don’t know your own laws.”

“Oh, I think you mean ‘your own laws’, the laws you made up in your head. No I don’t know those laws. I know the laws the county pays me to enforce, which are written down and can be referenced in court if necessary. I can’t enforce some law I’ve never heard of, just like I don’t enforce the laws of Albania or Zimbabwe here in the US. Sorry. Feel free to tell the judge he or she doesn’t know the law as well, see where it gets you.”


The solution to unequal justice in a majoritorian nation such as ours is to band together to change the laws or to get them enforced, not to walk into the corner saying neener neener neener, your laws don’t apply to me.


I thought you were going to link to this one, from their Netfix series, which I think also applies pretty well.