Animals returned to enclosure in Radiohead's latest music video

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Is it just me, or is there no video herein?

Never mind, had to reload the page for some reason

Gosh, it’s all a bit post-pandemic, innit? The dread is palpable

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Something weird is going on with embeds, too. It’s supposed to be a YouTube embed.

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Awesomeness and completely true, the THEY need to get the cattle people back in their pens. Makes em worry that you might be having second thoughts about returning to the rat race.


All the videos are not on What’s Air.TV? Is it a Youtube competitor?

I think a lot of folks will relate. After working from home for the last 18mo, many white collar folks are not happy how their employers are forcing them to come back to the office. Productivity and mental wellness be damned! Mid level management in many companies are not comfortable unless they can lord over and micromanage their staff.


it’s perfectly Radiohead. love it. i also appreciate how well the actors mimicked animals in the wild and their reaction to humans.

Reminded me a lot of Prince stalking jockeys

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