Planet Earth 2 but the animals have human screams

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Can we get one using only screams from the mummy trailer?


I’m not watching that.

Or all anime “wha?!” s
"huh?" “wha?” “ahno…!”

I have heard Mother Nature and her name is Wilhelm

Is Alan in it?


Wondering if there’s a video out there showing animals mating… but screaming out like humans.
Couple of wart hogs: “Ohh, baaaaayyy-beeeeee! You’re the only one! Gnnnnnffffff!”

That said, the foley on PE2 series 1 was pretty cartoonish as it is. I know they couldn’t get live sounds for many of their scenes, but do we really need the Looney Tunes boi-oi-oiiiiiiings as they jump or spring about?

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