Earth & Moon: surreal, vaguely sexual experimental 3D animation

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Just bizarre. I’m a bit afraid of the person whose brain that came out of.



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I do not want to watch that twice.

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When a planet and another planet love each other very much…

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oh god, i saw this on jwz’s blog this morning, but having neglected instagram for a while did not make the connection to cool 3d world. in retrospect it’s obvious. totally Fd up stuff from start to finish!

occasionally I sit down and try to map out how much free time i realistically have, and which of my many percolating creative projects i could realistically tackle. I am always inevitably paralyzed by the impossible choice and time constraint.

I can’t imagine landing on this one as the way to use my limited time. I’m glad someone did though…


Now, tell me about your mother.

well…that’s enough internet for one day


Man, these Morrowind remakes sure get creepy sometimes.


I had to shut it off when the giant spider started stabbing the sumo guy in the abdomen with its claw. WTF is wonderful about this? Ick, @searching for unicorn chaser, or cats

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Elegantly stated.

The fine art of understated yet effective negative feedback.

I recognize the experimental creativity, the uniqueness of this clip, but agree: don’t wanna watch twice. Kinda sorry a few of those images stored in my brain once, awaiting the right nightmare or random synapsis to SSCCHHLLOOOOOP POP ohthatagainthx brain

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yeah, that for sure deserves a trigger warning. i agree

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