Animated map shows two centuries of US immigration


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Looks like an 80’s video game, Pew Pew!


I think next year they ought to include dots leaving the US. :wink:


The red balls coming from Canada appear to be coming from B.C. or the Yukon Territories, when at that point in history they were coming from eastern Canada and settling in New England and upper Michigan and Wisconsin, not Oklahoma.


And for many playing was a winning move.


If you see a dot bouncing out of southern California and heading for Canadaland, that’ll be me!


If anyone else is researching their Irish ancestors arriving in the US in the mid 1800s … I feel your pain. There are like 10,000 men named William O’Connor and the only two names used by Irish women might very well be Mary and Margaret.


And the records in Ireland are practically non-existent.


It’s impossible for me to tell because there’s hundreds of hits matching by just the names of the couples I’m looking for … but I’ll take your word for it. The names are so common. My last name is like the 64,000th most common name in the US (i.e. not common at all) so I’ve been spoiled I guess. It has made some of the research a bit of a slam dunk. I don’t know how people with last names of Smith, O’Connor, Johnson, etc do it.


Interesting to see that the overall trend is sharply falling immigration levels, when viewed in relation to the (growing) population! Hadn’t expected such a sharp dropoff, but of course it makes sense, for a country essentially founded by immigration.


I’m lucky because my last name is quite rare as well, I think there are maybe 50 in the US and only a handful in Canada, but when researching my wife’s family some of whom came from Ireland and I assume would be Scots Irish from the North since they are listed as Episcopalian etc. but apparently many Irish records were lost due to some fire a hundred years ago or so. You;d think the Catholic church would have kept meticulous records but I don’t know if those were lost as well.


Lookit all those Canadians streaming across the border! And I’ll bet they’re not assimilating - they’re watching hockey and drinking Labatt’s. We should build a big, beautiful wall!


I think that they are just trying to distinguish the Canadia stream from the Euro stream.


what I want to know is what the customs office must be like in Kansas because everyone in the world seems to be going there


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