Anker SoundCore nano Bluetooth Speaker on sale

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I seriously read this as “Ankle …” at first and was wondering what the advantage of having sound come from right by the floor was.

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Do you think it would be loud enough / clear enough to work on a bicycle?

I’m thinking I could 3d print something to hold it and strap it to my handlebars.

Yes it is, BUT… I bought one a couple of months ago, specifically for bike rides. I found that the battery life is not that great and when the battery gets low the device lets you know by interrupting the music with a second or so of silence every minute until it finally shuts off. Super annoying! This one is a lot better:

ETA: the Pebble comes with a camera tripod-sized mount in the bottom so you can use something like this to mount it to your handlebars

I’m planning to paint my home office soon. Any recommendations for audio books? lists this as not available to ship to Japan. Unfortunately the price on Amazon Japan is ¥18,056, almost 10x the sale price.

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