Ann Arbor, Michigan is the country's first city to require tampons and pads in public restrooms

Originally published at: Ann Arbor, Michigan is the country's first city to require tampons and pads in public restrooms | Boing Boing


Weird timing given that young women are more likely to use diva cups than tampons or pads, but nice to know I won’t have to worry about unexpected ‘emergencies’ while out around town starting in January.

Re: 'shrooms…I don’t think one can purchase spores at the hydroponic shop just yet. Decriminalize =/= legalize.


This is an economic MORAL HAZARD!

If you make these products free you’re just encouraging young people to try out menstruation for the “kicks.”


Sorry, I forgot to breath for a few minutes and started thinking like a libertarian.

Honest, don’t know why this is remotely controversial.


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Just as long as I don’t have to wear a mask. /s


I see your /s, but you will feel intense peer pressure to wear a mask in any indoor space in A2. And you will not enter a municipal building without one. It’s how we’ve been rolling here for 18 months.


The fact that this isn’t common is really disappointing


All good on paper (no pun intended) but let’s see if supply keeps up with demand and theft and vandalism.

City I live in spent a lot of money adding dog poop bag dispensers in a lot of places but after a year or so simply stopped restocking them.

Yeah, the problem with “Free” anything is that some ass is going to try to make money off it at the expense of everyone else. “100 Ann Arbor branded tampons and pads” will probably sell pretty well on Ebay. But they definitely deserve a commendation for accommodating the needs of half the population.

There was someone who briefly started doing mushroom delivery, though I think the city just unofficially nudged them to knock it off and they did without any legal action being taken.

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Oooooooooo. Somebody in city government got… shmeered.

I like the soap, water, towels, and TP requirements, too!

Ann Arbor created a local law decades ago that marijuana possession up to a certain amt resulted in a $5 ticket.

It has long hosted a yearly and very public pot party, The Hash Bash. Thousands gather at U of M’s Diag, cop a squat, and set to rollin.’ It features very few arrests.

When Michigan rethugs were V noisily fighting against reproductive rights, A Squared created a law that abortion and birth control would be legal and available within city limits in perpetuity.

It’s always been a pretty cool place, other than the jocks and the rape rate.

No hygiene product should be taxed, esp something women are pretty much forced to buy every month for around 40 years of their lives. There should be no tax on condoms, nor on any other form of contraception, neither.


After my sinus surgery I went around with a tampon up my nose to stop the bleeding. Maybe that’s an alternative to wearing a mask.


Only if you fill both nostrils and your mouth with them… :thinking:


I guess you didn’t read the ordinance? Every business and church in town (any public bathroom) is required to provide supplies in the women’s bathroom. It’s not just city facilities.

@MerelyGifted: Hash Bash, as you might imagine, isn’t a big deal anymore. Everyday is 4:20 with all the pot stores in town.


Because some people believe that women should hide their shame for the crime of checks notes being women…



True dat, mon. I mentioned it b/c it is legendary, and an excellent illustration of A Squared’s liberality.

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