Bill criminalizing anal and oral sex passes Michigan Senate


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And yet lead poisoning your citizens is perfectly fine.

“Late Stage Capitalism”



Property prices in Michigan are making more sense now.


I’m waiting for the supporting billboard campaign along Michigan highways…

“You have a mighty fine state here. Don’t blow it.”



It sounds like it was already criminalized, and they just failed to change it.


Or they could tie it to a radical concept known as “consent”.

That protects animals from abuse, and human freedoms from denial by bad law.


That’s like 2 of my three favorite things!

Guess I won’t be going back to Michigan, even though I wanted to do a rock hunt around Duluth sometime.

Oops - wrong state. NVM.


It’s another evangelical consevative cry for grown-up help. They keep running out of not-problems they can conspicuously not-solve.

Try solving an actual problem, evangelicals: Prevent negligent poisoning of kids’ drinking water.


Judging by the fact that the supporters are shown together, they don’t have a problem with dicks and assholes being publicly seen in close proximity.


This is one of those cases I almost feel for the legislator. He knows what should be done, understands the laws and requirements… But his understanding of his co-workers trumps everything and this is what he is forced to do.


He’s not forced to do anything. He’s simply a moralizing coward.


I’d blame autocorrect.


So these clowns are saying they never got a knobber from their wife/girlfriend/boyfriend?

Poor bastages.


I think anyone that has anal sex with all of mankind might be crossing the line a bit.


also in the text it says oral and anal sex which is actually the correct order (ask your dentist.) so I don’t understand the criminalization, The anal followed by oral can be a health issue if proper care isn’t taken people, don’t be taken in by the lies of big porn.


Simple: prayer! Problem solved. Now it’s just baby jesus’ will.

Can we redefine sodomy for legal purposes to mean “intercourse of any form with a state Senator”?


By making it (or I guess keeping it) illegal, they are only trying to make it fun and exciting again.

“C’mon, honey, let’s be dangerous, and break the rules!”


Someone was probably worried about all those guys with lead in their pencils.