Missouri legislator responds to abortion controversy by slaughtering chicken. 'God gave man dominion over animals.'


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Hello, Missouri. Just a reminder: YOU voted this schmuck in.


Support life, choke a chicken?


I guess we should be grateful he didn’t rape it first just to drive home the point.


I’m desperately trying to figure out what “the point” was.


It’s a chicken, you see, not a rooster. Therefore, just as God gave man dominion over animals, so He gave man dominion over women.

Conclusion: No abortions!

(Just a guess; I’m not saying that it all makes any sense to me either.)


Bugs liberals, makes references to biblical themes which pleases conservatives.

Also through the lens of one theory of the political divide in recent years is that it’s more urban vs. rural than any other factor, it makes a bit more sense.


oh i think we all know what the point was…

wait…what was the freaking point?!?


Kill chickens, not babies*

* Except baby chickens, gotta have breakfast!




And once again I am reminded why I don’t regret leaving that state for the pacific northwest.


I look forward to Missouri legalising marijuana, opium poppies, peyote, psilocybin and coca plants based on biblical verses that are near to the one giving man dominion over animals.


snaps chicken’s neck

…and that’s why covfefe.


Oh, but don’t you see? Then you’d be quoting the bible out of context.


I say, there’s no greater a demonstration of ones devotion to evangelical Christian fundamentalism than the ritual sacrifice of a hen to please an orisha.


I presume he had been reading some sort of advertiser’s spiel (or maybe just the condensed bullet points thereof) about psychological mind games and how images are always far more important than actual words, with the aim of connecting abortion to death and disgust in the mind of the viewer.

It certainly appears to have gotten him far more attention than another taped speech of “ooh, abortions are bad, mmkay”.


Sounds right to me.

Politicians like this guy and Jodi Ernst do dirty jobs like killing and castrating animals on camera, to prove that they’re Real Americans ™ and not effete snobs from the political establishment.

Then there’s the added bonus of associating bloody organs with abortions.


Eggs are not baby chickens. Eggs are chicken menstruation.


“You liberals get your cackles up over a chicken, but you’ve got no problem with killing a baby.”

That’s my guess.