Satanic temple challenges abortion law in Missouri


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The Devil is in the details.


I support this move. Anti-choicers don’t even follow the doctrine of their own religion. How do they get to dictate to others?


I love how the Satanic Temple constantly hoists the Xtianists on their own petards. I’d say God bless 'em but, well, you know…


Yeah, AND they are all against simple safe birth control… what?
W. T. F?

Not my body, up to someone else.


Hail Satan!


Murica: a place where Satanists* are the ones reasoning.


Well, they are, ironically, better Christians than their opponents…

I hope that this administration’s new “religious conscience” rules get “abused” (to actually benefit our religious freedom, rather than give power to would-be theocrats) to Hell and back by the Satanic Temple.

Boy it’s almost as if the issue isn’t “babies” at all, but controlling women’s sexuality and bodies!


I like the satirical approach of some of these institutions.

I guess my main qualm with a “based on religious grounds" defense is potential blowback in the future from utilizing a tactic that also serves to empower your opponents - especially when the opponents are so credulous.

But far be it from me to judge whatever approach women see fit to make it easier to exercise immediate rights over their own bodies. More power to them for sure.


I love that statue, so dignified.

As all goats are. Even when they’re dwarf-goats, and pooping on your carpet as they gaze at you with steely, dispassionate eyes.


There are certain consequences by basing things on faith rather than biology.

What happens when an egg is fertilized (Human life begins!), but it fails to adhere to the vaginal wall and become a conceptus? (Human death!)

Should the woman’s womb be declared a crime scene, a fatal accident due to natural causes, or what? Do they have the right tape for that? Should there be a corner’s inquest?

Would that death be covered under family life insurance policies? Other life insurance policies? Benefits packages? Workman’s Comp?


Roger that!


“The State has essentially established a religious indoctrination program intended to push a single ideological viewpoint,” Blackmore said in a statement. “The law is intended to punish women who disagree with this opinion.”

Insert “nailed it” meme of choice.


According to Pence, it requires a funeral, so your questions aren’t as over the top as you might think they are.


The thing is, these are a response to the current climate in which “religious freedom” becomes the operating justification for impinging on the rights of other people; the justification is turned in on itself, as a defense, by the Satanic Temple. If that justification isn’t being used, then that defense is no longer needed.


The whole point of the Satanic Temple’s activism is succinctly summed up as:

Turnabout is fair play.


In that sense:
Go Satanists!


Satan and his demons have always been the ones with powers of reason, observation and evidence.

God says: believe me, I don’t have to give you a reason. Satan says: see for yourself.


The SCOTUS has already ruled that the “Sincerely held religious beliefs” of a non-human corporation that’s also not even a church or other actual religious org, can exempt them from having to obey the law.

Turnabout is fair play.


Yes, I may not believe in the Missouri Bar Association or Catholic World or that it should be fought in favor of former angels in particular, but; I could get behind a lawyer doing this and earning money for it.