Ann Shulgin, psychedelic pioneer, RIP

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The Shulgins were so sweet and friendly in person. I had a conversatiom with both of them outside City Lights Books one evening. The love rhat they had for eachother was evident in the way they engaged in happy banter together. Thier creations and work changed the world for the better.


You are so fortunate to have met them!
PIHKAL (more than TIHKAL) inspired me on many levels.
I’ll always consider Sasha a hero and pioneer and the two of them stellar examples of people who walked the walk of freedom to expand consciousness.

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Both Shulgins were amazing people. Alexander (“Sasha”) published his PIHKAL largely due to the story of what the US government did to Wilhelm Reich’s books - they burned them in 1957.

I’m convinced some people are psychedelic adepts, and both the Shulgins clearly were.

Something that struck me as odd was they didn’t enjoy cannabis at all. Or at least one of them didn’t, and I assume it’s Sasha in the Intro to PiHKAL: “Among the drugs that are currently illegal, I have chosen not to use marijuana, as I feel the light-headed intoxication and benign alteration of consciousness does not adequately compensate for an uncomfortable feeling that I am wasting my time.” -PiHKAL, p.xv


The key word here is probably “benign”. :slight_smile:

The Shulgin’s were sweet, hilarious and full of love. Sitting with them in the early morning sun whilst drinking coffee, and listening to their banter and puns was always a delight.

I can see the scene now, at the turn of the century, sitting in Berkeley, Ann smoking, Sasha laughing.

Sweet Memory.

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