Commemorative editions of Sasha and Ann Shulgin's classic psychedelic cookbooks

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For years I have wondered what the final “clue” in Sasha’s The Simple Plant Isoquinolines is…it is a shame we never got QIHKAL(If I recall correctly, he mentioned an internal debate about IIHKAL not rolling off the tongue)

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always best to place it under the tongue


What’s so bad about something as simple as swallowing? I mean, plugging, insufflating, inhaling, injecting, eyeball dropping, transdermal patches, guh!

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Isn’t MDPV in PIKHAL? That’s more a phenylethylamine I have known and gone ‘FUCK that noise. Make it go away’. All the pyrovalerones can fuck off, in fact. Horrible.

or spread on cinnamon toast with a little marmite!

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excellent books, amazing people and story.

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