Anna May Wong will be the first Asian American to be featured on American currency

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Here is the list of American Women quarters issued in the series so far:



On a related note, what the heck is the holdup for putting Harriet Tubman on those 20s?


Good call!

They’re currently due to be released in 2030, a full 14 years after the Obama administration announced plans to make the change. This article includes a little explanation but as far as I’m concerned there is no good reason this should take so damn long:

By 2030 cash transactions will probably be largely anachronistic anyway, making this change much less impactful than if it had been made earlier.


I’d rather have a default avatar icon than Jackson on the 20 while we sort it out…


Moving at the speed of government… :confused:

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The entire Apollo program, from Kennedy’s “we choose to go to the moon” speech in 1962 to the last of the 14 missions (including 6 successful moon landings) only took about 10 years. We seem to have a lack of urgency on the part of treasury officials when it comes to changing out this printed image.


Yeah - that isn’t typical, though. I’ve known several people who work in various government roles, from Federal to City level to career military. The machine is so complicated that it takes forever to get anything changed from the existing process. I know of a sexual predator in the work place of the Dept of Labor, where after years of shenanigans the process to fire him was started and it took a YEAR of paid leave before it was finished.

Oh sure, there are exceptions, like the Apollo mission, or the huge ramp up in manufacturing during WWII. But, like you said, there was urgency. Red tape was cut and the pace was quickened. But in contrast, the Orion project with NASA is nearly 10 years old, and what do we have to show for it? They lack the budget and the sense of urgency to go faster.

And in the case of the Treasury, it isn’t just changing the design and plates, they are changing the counterfeiting counter measures as well. That is one of the reasons it is taking so long. I agree it still seems like a long time, but it really doesn’t surprise me.

And not to shit too much on the government. The speed of corporate is only slightly faster. Sure some companies are a little lighter and more agile, but in my experience large companies spend a lot of time thinking about doing something vs actually doing it.



From the time I get a quote for something to when it actually arrives at [RedactedCo] is about two months or so, and that was pre-covid. It’ll sometimes take two weeks to get a PO cut unless either my boss or the CIO walks it through processing because it’s a rush job.

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Thanks for the link to the American Women Quaters Program @Ceran_Swicegood. I had no idea Washington is facing to the right on those coins.

Speaking of the new quarters… I got a Wilma Mankiller quarter recently!!!

Happy Megan Mullally GIF by Will & Grace


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