Annual Marshmallow Fluff festival goes virtual this September 12 (plus, a story about Fluff fandom)

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Although this is virtual, you will want to avoid having marshmallow fluff near your keyboard and screen.

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Yay for Mimi (an old gal pal of mine)!

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My cat is named Fluffernutter.


Joe Bishop in the Expeditionary Force series ( would be in heaven.

Note: The series is a fun, comical read, not the usual heavy, space opera.

I bought my first jar of Fluff a few months ago. Have not had a fluffernutter yet.

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Revolting stuff.


No kidding!

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Who said anything about EATING it?

Is true. She’d gone to Wellesley, I was living in Cambridge. She’d started the Fluff parade in Somerville years and years ago, and had had a Public Access TV show way back in the day. I think she has something like five sisters, all of whom have fiery red hair.

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Small world! Wow. Here we are:

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Not even six degrees any more! Looks like fun was being had all around. Cheers!

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