Anonymous stock-market manipulators behind $20B+ of "mispricing" can be tracked by their writing styles

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Unfortunately, this will do nothing to stop bad actors. We can all sit here and fume. Maybe the Neopagans can visualize something nasty for them.


I’d love to see a study of financial “news” articles published on a regular basis that seem designed to cause panic. The ones that describe a key index change of less than 1 percent as a “tumble,” or more than two days in a row that aren’t gains as a “losing streak.” I’m curious to see how successful that manipulation has been, and whether or not the writing styles show these articles come from just a few FUD-promoting sources. Lately they’ve been focused on predicting the next recession/market collapse.


I was amused to note that Tesla was not one of his case studies, since Tesla is subjected to such relentless “Short and Distort” attacks from so many different directions that it isn’t possible to isolate the effects of one “Seeking Alpha” attack article (and there are plenty!) from all the others.

NB: Seeking Alpha is as likely to publish bullish Tesla Uber Alles fanboying as it is to publish bearish Tesla Doom’n’Gloom articles. Anyone can write Seeking Alpha articles, as long as the article makes for a good clickety headline.

Seeking Alpha is just noise: Any real information is drowned in the swamp of sensationalism.


The avoidance seems trivial though. Just find a message by a competitor you want to frame and replace the name of the stock he is hyping with the one you want to hype. Then you have a message that says what you want but implicates him.

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Aren’t they over thinking this?

I just assume that anyone offering “free” financial advice, of any sort, is trying to make money at my expense. Specifically; at my expense.


I often see articles about an impending collapse on Zerohedge (which often links to RT). I suspect there are certain people who are highly incentivized to push such a narrative. People from shithole countries with nothing to offer the world but gaspipelines and fear :wink:


Call Michael Lewis, STAT

That’s why I try to focus on the actual numbers first, and only read the opinion stuff after that. Helps you keep a cooler head, and avoid the most blatant manipulations.


Here’s how to scam the system.

People are writing neural nets to gauge stock market sentiment.

So you just do what they do, and use a GAN, Generative Adversarial Network, to generate signals in the direction you want.

That pollutes the space completely making ‘sentiment’ and ‘news’ worthless.


I have met so many people with (what seems to me) a superstitious credulity for anything the market seems to tell them. Markets generate very detailed valuation data, but it doesn’t mean that data is particularly accurate or relevent.

That markets are so easy to game like this, seems like it should raise suspicion. But I doubt anyone is going to reconsider their faith in markets just because of this.

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Do you apply the same to people causing a bubble?

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