Another fatal shooting

This time a few miles from my house.

To their credit, you can clearly see that one officer used a taser. The one who fired the shots I hope gets kicked off the force.


What’s the point of giving cops an arsenal of less-lethal ranged weapons if an entire team of them can’t disable a single woman with a knife without shooting her?


Exactly my point.

I just don’t understand how it happened. It was discussed–at length–that they were going to tase her. This was appropriate, 100%. One person broke rank, and now a woman is dead.

Now, the apologists are going to look at this and say that this woman would have been dead anyways soon. (Sure, could easily be the case)

But that’s not the point, is it?

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Who committed either manslaughter or murder, depending on whether that cop was merely incompetent or itching to kill someone.

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I dunno about that. The local news is today making a lot of hay about the footage that was/wasn’t released. Apparently in excess of 10 hours of footage (makes sense, 2 hour standoff with a few cops there). There’s a lawsuit about how what footage was released shouldn’t have been released.

Here’s what I know: someone got shot that shouldn’t have gotten shot. It’s very clear cut. That guy should be off the force so he doesn’t shoot anyone else. Shit happens I know, but you shoot someone when you shouldn’t, you shouldn’t get a second chance as a public servant.

Contrast that with the shooting of Philando Castile. That cop for sure should be in jail, when you compare the situations. I am not going to weigh in on whether this cop should go to jail as his punishment, but some punishment is due that at minimum ends his career as an officer.

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I agree. That’s what I mean. Cops have been known to pull their gun instead of their taser, an incomptence that costs lives, so that seems to me to be manslaughter. Whether the circumstances were such that the cop who did so deserves jail, well, I’d be satisfied with them never holding a another job in LE. But there’s also a slim chance he or she went rouge and pulled the gun on purpose, which would be murder.

It’s somewhat academic since the cop who killed her is unlikely to face any consequences.

Seems tinfoil-hatty without more context. But that’s what the trial is for.

Sidebar, articles talking about this reference places I am intimately familiar with. It’s kind of nuts.

Her car had been seen parked on a gravel dead-end road by the Fox River in Elgin earlier, but she drove off when an officer approached.

I know this spot by 90; it’s one of the few spots with parking for a dozen or so cars and river access. I bike by here at least 50 times a year, and the history of the spot is amazing (see: Pratt’s Castle).

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Of course. I was just laying out what seem the logical possibilities. There should be an impartial investigation and possibly trial, but the odds are not in favor of that.

All that’s certain is that a cop shot a woman dead, and the evidence strongly points to it being unnecessary.

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