Utah cop shot handcuffed man in police station, his third killing: "You're about to die, friend!"

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That is an absolutely awful video to watch. Straight-up murder.


Murderer. This was summary execution.


As a rule i don’t watch these kinds of videos, i prefer to read a description of the contents and leave it at that.

Also: ACAB


tldw; Handcuffed-behind-the-back, drunk and possibly mentally-altered 20-something lunges for a cops’ gun. Cop screams he’s got my gun, although he doesn’t. Kid is being subdued. Cop #2 says “you’re about to die,” puts his pistol against the kid’s neck, and pulls the trigger. Blood splatters all over, kid is dead.


And still not quite as bad as the murder of Daniel Shaver. You can find the video on youtube, I’m not linking. That was a really sadistic form of Simon says with the cop giving more or less impossible instructions and shooting when the man got it wrong. Cop wasn’t convicted, of course.


“Utah’s Fraternal Order of Police”

The Church of the Latter-day Danites?


I did not watch the video and thank Les_Pane for the description. How can any human watch or read the description of this and 1) think this is just 2) not believe a review of protocol is in order 3) the “incident review committee” might need re-examination?
I understand how, but don’t agree with, convicted individuals end up with poor treatment. Has that thinking just extended to anyone who is arrested? Where does that slippery slope end? Individuals perceived to have “done something wrong” aren’t worth of humane treatment or are summarily executed? We can and should do better.


For non-police, when people help someone get away with murder they face accessory charges. Anyone that sets and enforces the policy which says this murder is ok should be charged with accessory to murder


In the year 2019 German police officers killed 14 people total. As far as I am aware none of these were in any way suspicious. This number is actually rather high, in 2005 it were 4.
When in Europe someone is killed by police in a way that looks wrong it often leads to riots and at least a giant public outcry.

Germany has about a fourth of the population of the US, so if Germany had as many inhabitants as the US and the same rate of people killed by police it would be 56. The actual number in 2019 for the US was 1004.

In the year 2014 German police fired 46 bullets on persons altogether, killing 7 people. Why am I writing this? US police shoots 25 to 30 DOGS per day. In 2 days US police shoot more bullets at dogs than German police shoots at people in a year.

Becoming a police officer in Germany is a 2 to 3 year apprenticeship you’d start at the age of 16 to 21 (maybe a little later but usually not much) and that precedes a rigorous selection process that includes intelligence, fitness and psychology.

The rate of people killed by law enforcement per 100k inhabitants for the US is the highest in the western world at 28.54., on par with Bangladesh, Pakistan and Mexico.
The next highest western countries are surprisingly Malta with 20.0, Luxembourg with 16.9 (although both is from ONE killed person each, the number is skewed because of a low population), Canada 9.7 and France 3.8 (highest for a large country in the EU).

Just saying.

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How in the fuck could this guy manage to shoot anyone with his hands behind his back? I don’t think it is even possible to grab a holstered gun handcuffed. Cops almost always have a retention holster that prevents people from just grabbing them. Which means even if he grabbed at the cops gun, he never actually got a hold of the firearm. Which means they were never in any danger, despite the alarmed cry of the other cop. Which means this shooting wasn’t justified and it was a point blank execution/murder. :confused:


Thanks for watching it for me, I just can’t go there today.


Did I miss any officer’s clear attempt at sympathy for this guy? The shooting officer clearly gets what he wanted, and says it right on tape. I hope a ton of people go down for this. Cold-blooded.


Just speculating here; how easy would it be for a serial killer to join a police force …?


He [Longman] did have a temper, those who knew him said

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Wish I’d read your synopsis first. :hot_face:


West Valley City’s incident review committee needs to be reviewed itself.


Cops don’t kill people because they are afraid for their lives. Cops kill people because they want to kill people. And then their bosses and their unions protect killer cops above other cops.

Police need to rise up, take control of their unions, and go on strike until appropriate measures are put in place to stop the serial killers among them. Surely most of them don’t want to be working with murderers. It’s time to do something about it.


I think that time has passed. Any LEOs who would be inclined to do so have been culled from the profession. The whole barrel of apples is spoiled and the wood is rotting.


How the fuck could someone continue living after something like that? That was fucking disgusting to watch.