Another great lesson in homemade beef jerky

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Just got a 5 pound bag from a friend in Colorado of Elk jerky, the doggums sure likes me a whole lot this week.


oi! you really loves your doggos or are not a big fan of elk jerky!
(I can see an argument for both-loving doggos AND the jerky - but would have been much more one-sided in my generosity with such wealth!)
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I’m a sharesy kind’a guy. Plus if the dog gets to partake, it’s two of us farting like demons.


Watching him do such a bad job of cutting the pieces was painful to watch. That knife was pretty, but it wasn’t the right knife for the job. Kit jerkey, bad knives, this guy is a pro?


Eep. Scalloped cuts.

I got an inexpensive meat slicer to cut sandwich meat from larger blocks that you get at the larger wholesaler type stores (so much cheaper than those little packets of pre-cut meat).

The beautiful thing is that it’s been so useful for cutting jerky of specific and consistent thickness, cutting slices thin for korean BBQ, etc…


And it doesn’t have to be beef.

I tried making tofu jerky once. The results were … interesting. I should try it again some day.

So this homemade jerky, can you take it backpacking? In other words, does it have to be chilled/fridged or can you just toss into a tight zip top bag, and throw it in your pack for days of backwoods?

Depends on how much it’s processed. A lot of times home jerky doesn’t get dry enough to ensure it’ll stay safe for long periods, and I believe curing/smoking can assist with that, but I wouldn’t risk it unless I was sure - don’t want to find yourselves in the back woods with spoiled meat.

That’s what I was thinking. In the video, toward the end when he was chowing on his jerky, it looked pretty dry, but at some point, I saw him wiping moisture from some of it, though it may have been residual fat, not sure, but that could be bad.

Smoking the jerky is an interesting idea. Wonder if he covers that in any of his other videos. As I usually do, I neglected to click the Like and Subscribe buttons, so I may never know…!

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