Oberto Applewood Smoked Bacon Jerky


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sorry Mark, submitted (into the Boing Boing void of submissions) this earlier today


I love to carry jerky as a travel snack, and Oberto’s is a solid choice!

Just a heads up: Many people (my girlfriend included) can’t stand the smell of jerky, and it can be incredibly unpleasant for them to be in a confined space with someone eating a freshly-opened bag.

Because of this I’ve mostly stopped buying the stuff unless I’m driving alone, but I’ve also found that taking jerky out of its packaging before a road trip or flight, giving it a chance to air out and then slipping it into a Ziploc bag minimizes the odor.


I used to stop at QuikTrip pretty regularly on the way to work. When I found this stuff I bought a bag, loved it and wound up buying one every time I stopped.

And then they ran out. Apparently I was the only one buying it and they didn’t restock.


I just saw this in story yesterday!

Bag’s gone, already…


Nothing like some tasty, tortured, factory farmed food.


Okay, this is a bit of a stretch, but when I think of bacon…


Found in my local Safeway store today!
I wonder what beer to pair with it?


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