Man's gluten free airline meal request met with a single banana


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Floating in purfume, served in a man’s hat?


Just look at it. :frowning:


I mean: like… whatever?


Hey, I like bananas for breakfast


If he had just looked at it, he’d’ve been even hungrier.


Back when I used to request vegetarian meals on flights, I’ve gotten things like a bowl of fruit salad, a bowl of oatmeal, or three dinner rolls.



Rubber biscuits.



Back when? have you learned your lesson?


They wouldn’t even give me a coooool water sandwich or a Sunday-go-to-meeting bun


Back when I used to actually get served meals on planes! Mostly when I’d fly Delta cross-country. The last few times I’ve been on flights long enough to serve meals, they were Qantas or Korean Air, and my food was pretty good. Especially the bibimbap on Korean Air, dang.


Oh, right! Meals on planes used to be a thing.


I guess my question is : was that guy diagnose with celiac disease or is it some kind of diet ?


Does it matter? Everything on the regular breakfast menu (except the bread, and possibly the yogurt) was gluten free.


I can’t think of the last time I got more than a bag of pretzels and a drink on a flight. No, wait, I can, but it was from DFW to London. Most domestic flights, you have to bring your own substantial food, or pay extra.


Makes a difference between him being someone with whom I can sympathize and him being a first world douchebag.


Not really, but gluten free diet is a strange trend.


That’s refreshingly honest.