How to save money when flying - don't eat

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I do this… but I fast for 16+ hours a day generally anyway. Really wouldn’t recommend someone that didn’t to try it for that sort of timescale. They’re going to have a MISERABLE time, especially as at various points during the flight people will be eating around / right next to them them.

On the bright side, airplane food generally comes wrapped up, so you can throw it in your bag and eat it whenever. :smiley:


To save more money, eat, don’t fly.


Nobody (really- not anybody at all) wants to be around me if I haven’t eaten in that long.
Hell, I don’t want to be around me if I haven’t eaten in 44 hours.


And if you get hungry you can distract yourself by kicking the seat in front of you for the entire flight.


This assumes that you are already doing this wack fasting diet. For normal humans, it would be ill advised trying to get through customs after not eating for 16 hours. Geeze, airport food isn’t _that expensive. Just budget, eat, and save your sanity.


I first heard about fasting as a jet-lag antidote a while ago, in some article that said Olympians and military personnel swore by it. The theory is that your body’s clock is based in large part on when you eat. Fasting is supposed to disconnect your clock from its current schedule, then a good dinner at a normal time for your destination tells it when you should sleep (i.e. soon after). I’ve been doing this for a couple of years, “almost fasting” (a total fast will produce some spectacular stomach rumbles) for 24 hours prior to that final dinner on multiple trips from Boston across the country or the Atlantic and most especially all the way to Bangalore. Haven’t felt any more tired during the day than I do at home. Yes, it’s hard to stick to it when everyone around you is getting their meals, but it seems worth it. What’s strange is that flight attendants always seem surprised and repeatedly ask for confirmation. They of all people should know about this, even if they don’t practice it themselves. Some of them seem to get it when I say it’s my anti-jet-lag strategy, but others just look confused.


And that says it all, besides packing you’re own lunch to schlepp around through security, the only solution to the crappy value of airport/airline food is to just starve.

Airport food is a solvable problem, if only airports weren’t so dead set on extracting as much monopoly rent from flyers. I’ve fantasized about setting up a service where people who are flying sign up to bring roll-a-boards full of tamales to sell at the gates. It’s just so goddamn ridiculous that the walls of airports are magic materials that grossly inflate the cost of food when passed through.


People with a hobby of measuring their ketones and talking about their “gi tract” remind of hundred year old quack electric stimulation machines and The Road to Wellville.


So long as your GI tract was not written by Jack Chick, you should be fine.`


I had a collection agency guy give me the same advice regarding repayment of student loans. Only it wasn’t saving the money, it was sending it to him, and it wasn’t when flying, it was, well, all the time.


I find a couple of miniatures of rum in my ‘liquids’ bag work pretty well.


Honestly, you just paid over $1000 to fly across a big body of water. Is spending $20 for half-decent food really going to break your budget?

Recently returned from Spain to the US west coast, with a flight connection in Heathrow. You don’t know how happy I was to find a Wagamama in Terminal 5.


…just don’t sit next to him! Mmmmmm - keto breath and keto B.O. Arrrrgggrrgrrrlll /Homer.


Why does no one talk to WOMEN when freaking out about the joys of fasting? This is a HUGE pet peeve. Intermittent fasting can wreck a woman’s hormone cycles, creating PMS-like symptoms off their normal cycle. Or, wait, are men still the neutral state of humanity, and we’re a variation?


Am I the only one who thought the photo would lead to an article on the perils of flying with the wrong skin tone?


I was thinking the same thing. Travel has unexpected issues and my problem solving abilities are super effected when I’m hungry.


Totally- I hadn’t even thought of the problem-solving angle.
I was mostly worried about me turning into Liz Lemon aboard a plane…


I think that’s a personal metabolism kind of thing. My spouse gets really, really hangry very quickly, whereas I’ve forgotten to eat for a few days at a time on occasion, only noticing it when I end up with a headache and try to figure out why.