This guy collected 5 million travels miles


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30 trips through TSA in a week, to save $12,200? Not sure that’s worth it…


Did he get to sit with the chief air marshal, and laugh over in-flight martinis?
Or was there just an awkward silence…


It is global, it’s sad when Chinese security with a K-pop band passing through is a more pleasant experience.


When I was in Missouri TSA was baffled into near paralysis by the fact that my ticket showed my initials and last name, not my full name, but my driver’s license had my full name. They didn’t match.

You’d think it might be amusing to see their brains repeatedly lock up and restart, going in halting circles for minutes at a time. But it was almost like watching somebody kick a puppy. The poor schlubs were totally outside of their ability to process events, it was just sad that they’d had their basic human independence of thought so completely crushed.


So he’s a 100 Things devotee? His tiny house is a jetliner, sweet. Wonder what his carbon footprint might be?


Where’s this guy finding $26 flights?


And this promoting of the most wasteful use of fossil fuels ever devised is good because…?


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who has the time to take 30 flights? just to save money on a 13,000 flight?


Presumably, since he’s a travel writer, he can claim them as expenses, maybe?


It might be used as a way to impress a date, or to not be stuck in economy plus during a flight that’s over 8 hours long?


Is it worth taking 30 flights of at least an hour each? I mean I’m guessing that they’re not like 15 minutes each, but maybe he does a lot of puddle-jumping around Caribbean islands or something?


I think a lot of San Diego-Los Angeles or D.C.-NYC could work…plus, if he has a Sentri/Global pass to cut down on line times in international airports?


Reminds me of the folks who clip enough grocery coupons to get money back when they buy thirteen carts full of stuff they may never use. Only this guy gets to take in 3X the radiation and all that bad air.


… is good because it’s interesting. It generates page views which generates ad views which pays for the site, the bandwidth, and the content.


He should have used them on 9 round trip flights to the moon.


He’s a modern day explorer!


If you’re flying that much you learn how to get through quickly and easily; easy on and off shoes, nothing that looks too much like one of their prohibited items (had my steel pin trigger an extra search at SFO once), thoroughly wash and seal your semtex then pack it in a bag at a different location, laptop in a separate pouch, fluids all in a separate bag, etc. Easy stuff really.


When it only cost you $800 to get those and it’s 18 hours of flying might as well do it in a bit of comfort instead of being packed into the ever shrinking economy section.