JetBlue passenger yells: "I’m 28, I make $4 million a year. What do you do?"


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:sigh, like the opening of a stone sarcophagus:





I’m 42. I’m not sure how much I make a year because it goes into a number of unmarked accounts before it gets to me. I’m actually an assassin and I kill people who are assholes.

Boy, what a coincidence I ended up on this flight, next to you.


Okay, I’ll play:

I’m a natural blonde AND I’m smart.

Top that!


Both future presidential candidates.


I haven’t even watched the video; in my mind, the title of this post somehow merged with that scene from Speed

The gunman has one hostage, 100 feet away. The hostage is 28 and makes 4 million a year - what do you do Jack? What do you do!?


A few years ago I was boarding an Alaska Air flight from DCA to SEA, it was a frequent-flyer-heavy flight, me and about 85 other frequent flyers on the upgrade list to first class. Some woman is boarding, not one of us regulars, and she’s telling the flight attendant she “needs” to be upgraded to first class. She’s told there’s many many people waiting on that, but she said a few times she needed to be upgraded, she needed the quiet because she was going to be “working on a $30 Million presentation” during the flight.

The poor dear had to work on the presentation in coach.


For a presentation that costs that much she probably could afford to pay for first class then…


I didn’t know they’d scheduled another Republican presidential debate.


It does seem odd that a multimillionaire with six houses would seek out a discount airline.


You’re like a unicorn!

I keed! I keed!


#iamverysmart #iamveryrich #iamvery20-20?


Why is someone who makes $4 million / year flying an economy airline?


Looking at the other articles today, the solution is obvious: put a mirror in front of this aggressive animal and he’ll pick a fight with himself.


Lots of wealthy people are frugal. It’s why they have money.

Conversely, a lot of not-rich people are stupid with their money, spending it on luxuries they can’t really afford, or at the sacrifice of something else. (Present company included.)[quote=“Hanglyman, post:15, topic:76628, full:true”]
Looking at the other articles today, the solution is obvious: put a mirror in front of this aggressive animal and he’ll pick a fight with himself.

ACTUALLY, IIRC this actually works. Though they don’t pick a fight with themselves, but they have done experiments with banks and other places, placing mirrors where customers can see themselves and they are much less likely to act rudely or worse as they can actually see their behavior, vs just internalizing it.


Some do…But those that do are usually self-selected to NOT be self-important assholes.


Does he not realize that 20/20 vision is the eyesight equivalent of an IQ of 100?


I’ll play.
Red hair w/ green eyes. O- blood.
Pretty rare, no?


Ends up not being relevant, because there aren’t any IQ test that can reliably test that high. Reported IQs in that range are deeply, deeply suspect, as the pool of potential people is so small and scattered it becomes impossible to normalize the test.

I’ll bet that asshole’s net worth he a) doesn’t make 4 million a year and b) doesn’t own 6 houses and c) is scientifically provable to be an asshole.