How to save money when flying - don't eat

Indeed. Even for me, if I ease off the carbs and double down on fat and protein, I can stretch for more hours than normal- significantly more, often.
There’s a balance there for me, and 32,000ft in the sky is not the time for a plane’s worth of people to find out I made a mistake.


I usually hate having someone crammed in the seat next to me, but with you I’d think I’d make an exception


Well, when you say “no one” I take it you mean “men,” so yea, I guess men are still the neutral, default state of humanity, based upon how you worded that.

(Unless, of course, you’re saying that even women won’t talk to women when speaking about fasting, which I guess could be the case. Judging from your post, it could be a dangerous thing! :slight_smile: )

I’m so confused. What do those strips have to do with saving money?


There’s something very satisfying about pulling a homemade sandwich out of my carry-on bag during the flight and eating it. It’s not the saving money part that I enjoy, but rather the fact that it’s usually less processed, more filling and tastier than items on the in-flight menu.


I’m an great passenger, on account of being bizarrely narrow. Plus I’m warm and smell like fresh laundry, and excel at in-flight spooning.


I’m sure you’ve made the flight tolerable for many a weary business traveler!


Women and orthoxia are less of a novelty.

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You spend money on them instead of having fulfilling hobbies like a well-adjusted person.

The opposite, actually. I just make the Captain sleepy, and despite the co-pilot title I really have no idea what I’m doing. You know how in every pilot class somebody graduates last? Well, I cheated off that guy. To be honest, I just did it to skip all that airport security. Plus the cockpit seats are really comfortable and I like dials.


The University of Google isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

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I’m old enough that when I was a kid the stewardesses would take you up to the cockpit during the flight to look at the cabin.

I understand that’s a security thing and all, but they should bring it back. I mean, someone has to think of the children!


I haven’t bought food on an airpalne for years.

Instead, I prefer to spend $30.00 on a small bag of trail mix at the airport “News Stand.”


How do you think I got my wings?


Seriously. Plus I really like Alaska’s little cheese plate. I’m a simple woman, some brie, crackers, and grapes is really all I need.


The money is nothing compared to everything else in the trip cost for international travel, but if it helps your jet lag (even if it’s just placebo, doesn’t matter) then that’s the big selling point.

Me, I need the drinks to survive nearby children or compulsive talkers. Though now omnipresent backseat entertainment systems are really a godsend to keep them occupied.


The only times I get food sickness is when I travel, so now I only stick to water in airports. The longest I have gone has been ~33 hours: ate like normal at home and then traveled to China after sleeping so from 8pm one day, then 23 hours of travel starting at 5am the next morning, and then the time to get a chance to eat a proper meal.

I actually recommend it for those willing, I have never ever beaten jet lag better than when I fast.


There are airports that have specific rules that mandate that goods and services sold in the airport must be priced the same as outside the airport.


That’s me… The wife thinks its crazy, so when she goes out of town she has folks check to make sure that I have eaten at least once in a 24hr period.


You use the money you save to buy the strips